A Well-Rounded Partnership: Taylor Ann Adams and Colin Savaria Team up to Develop Top-Quality Sale Horses

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Taylor Ann Adams and Colin Savaria live by the adage that two is most definitely better than one. These two young professionals teamed up to develop and sell young horses, combining their unique experiences and expertise with success. Offering hunters, jumpers, and equitation horses, the pair prides themselves on their honesty, along with their well-roundedness and keen eyes.

Photo © Tricia Booker / USHJA Archives.

Savaria has worked with many professionals in both the US and Europe, while Adams has an impressive show record that includes some of the most prestigious awards and titles. Some of her accomplishments as a professional include finishing third in the WCHR Developing Pro Challenge in 2013 and riding to the Reserve Championship in the Second Year Green Hunter division (now the Green Hunter 3’9” division) at the 2013 Devon Horse Show. 

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“Taylor and I are coming at the business from two different backgrounds,” says Savaria. “We’re working in unity, and what we have to offer is truly different. To have Taylor’s riding experience and show record and my experience working in the barn, managing, riding, and setting up horses, we’re offering horses developed by two true, young horsemen who want to work hard and make an impact in this industry.”

Long-time friends, the two riders were pursuing separate careers as professionals in the horse industry up until Adams was faced with unforeseeable circumstances. When the 28-year-old was diagnosed with cancer in 2021, she was forced to stay out of the saddle for six weeks following surgery. 

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“Colin showed up one day and stepped up to the plate for the six weeks I couldn’t ride,” says Adams. “It turned into a beautiful friendship and partnership that we created, and we have been working together since November.” 

Their business is based out of Ocala, FL, using the World Equestrian Center – Ocala as a tool to help develop and bring along their sale horses. 

“Especially now that WEC is USEF [sanctioned], Ocala is truly the horse capital of the world. I moved to Florida when I was 13,” says Adams. “I traveled the circuit until I was 25, but Ocala is home. The farm that we board is the farm I actually grew up riding at. It has come very full circle.”

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Through their structured program, their goal is to produce rideable, teachable, and manageable horses. When it comes to the selling process, Adams and Savaria work to give their clients the most transparent, customer-friendly experience. 

“I’ve always felt that honesty is the best policy. My idea behind developing horses is that you improve 1% every day, so in 100 days you should have 100% of a difference,” says Savaria. “You should like the product that you’re beginning with, and then you improve on those things. Consistency is about giving the horse the confidence to do their job to the best of their ability.

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“Horses can misbehave and make mistakes just like we can, but for us it’s more about understanding why. We really want to give the horse the tools to be the best it can be, which is what will give you longevity in the sport,” he continues. “We’re not just horse dealers; we don’t just sell horses. We actually teach the horses to know what to do when they’re being asked questions, and that’s what gives you a confident, reliable partner.”

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As the two professionals continue to grow their business together, they have a carefully planned schedule for the remainder of the 2022 season. While they are predominantly based out of Ocala, FL to utilize the World Equestrian Center – Ocala for sales, they will also attend a variety of other shows. In the upcoming weeks, they will travel to Tampa, FL to prepare for Equus Tryon Spring III, which is a designated WCHR competition. This will be Savaria’s fourth WCHR show of the year, which will allow him to compete in the WCHR Developing Pro Challenge in October at Capital Challenge. Savaria is currently leading the Southeast region for points, and he is looking forward to participating in the prestigious class in the fall. They also have some sale horses that will compete in the USHJA Green Hunter Incentive Championships in Kentucky. 

“I’d love the business to grow to its full capacity, which I do believe with our team is limitless,” says Savaria. “However, it is important to Taylor and myself that our everyday involvement is never jeopardized. If that means a few less horses, that’s what it means.”