5 Great Careers For Horse Lovers


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If you love spending every moment of your day with horses, then you may want to consider working with them for your career. Luckily, many careers involve working with horses, so you have plenty of options. No matter your background, education, or skill set, you can turn your experience and passion into a lifelong career with horses. Below are just a few of the many wonderful jobs that involve working with equines

Stable Hand

A stable hand is responsible for the basic care of horses and other stable animals. They often work on ranches and farms, caring for the animals and providing essential maintenance as well. 

To succeed at this job, stable hands must know all the basics of caring for horses, including feeding, grooming, and making sure they get plenty of exercise. They may also have a hand in riding lessons, trail rides, and other activities that involve guests or the public. There is no prior experience or education required for this position. In fact, it can be a great first job for someone looking to work with horses long-term in their career. 


Veterinarians are just like doctors– they conduct physical examinations, perform surgeries, administer vaccinations, provide medication, and do anything else necessary to care for their patients. However, the primary difference is that veterinarians work with animals, not humans. Some veterinarians specialize in working with specific animals. Those that work exclusively with horses are called equine veterinarians. 

To become a veterinarian, you will need to obtain a doctor of veterinarian medicine (DVM) as well as a license to practice, so prepare for many years of education to pursue a career as a veterinarian. If you are interested in this field but don’t want to spend so much time in school, you can consider becoming a veterinarian technician or assistant.

Moreover, it’s crucial to have access to high-quality medical veterinarian study resources. The internet offers many resources to help you prepare for your classes, board exams, and clinical practice. Some of these resources include online lectures, virtual lab simulations, and study guides specifically designed for veterinary students. 

Horse Trainer

Horse trainers train horses in riding commands and help them adjust to healthy contact and relationships with humans. They are the ones who introduce horses to bridles, saddles, and all the equipment necessary for whatever they are being trained to do. Horse trainers are often the first to ride horses and help them adjust to having a rider on their back. This is essential so that future riders can ride their horses safely. 

There are many reasons why horse trainers are needed. They are often necessary for preparing horses for races, shows, or riding lessons. Horse trainers also adjust the horses to feeding and exercise schedules and create workout plans to prepare them for their intended careers. 

There is no education required to become a horse trainer, but you will need considerable experience with horses in order to succeed in the position. 

Horse Breeder

Horse breeders are in charge of breeding horses for racing, showing, riding, or personal purposes. Therefore, they must care for their horses well to ensure they are in the best shape to sell to the highest bidder. This includes not only caring well for the pregnant mares but also the foals after they are born. 

There is no specific educational background necessary for this role, but horse breeders must be comfortable working with horses and have a good knowledge of equine nutrition, anatomy, and physiology. They may also require knowledge of artificial insemination techniques to breed the best horses for particular purposes. Furthermore, it is important to note that this career path requires a significant financial investment, as purchasing and caring for horses can be quite expensive. 

Riding Instructor

If you enjoy riding horses and want to spread this joy to others, then you may make for a great riding instructor. Instructors provide lessons and training programs to help students of all ages learn how to ride and be more comfortable around horses. They may specialize in certain techniques, riding styles, or particular age groups. There is no specific education or background required, but some instructors gain a background in equine studies or have prior professional riding experience. 

Final Thoughts On Careers

As you can see, there are quite a few great options for careers if you love being around horses. Some careers require an intense education, while others require no background or education at all. If you are looking to change your career to involve horses and want some general advice on navigating the transition, you can find some great resources at the link below: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/careers/

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