How To Chat With Your Horse

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Bonding with your horse is critical if you wish to ride them for years to come. After all, trust and companionship will ensure you two work as a team as you ride, race, or attend shows. Conversely, distrust and a lack of connection can make it much harder for the two of you to work together. 

One of the best ways to bond with your horse is by directly communicating with them. Chatting with your horse may seem odd, but it is a great way to develop a lasting connection. But horses aren’t like humans, so how do you go about chatting with them? Read on for some tips to establish great communication with your horse. 

Don’t Worry About Looking Crazy

At first, it may feel weird to talk to an animal that can’t converse back with you. You may worry about getting caught by other humans and being perceived as crazy. But don’t worry about this. Almost everyone talks to their pets, and all horse-enthusiasts chat with their horses to develop their bond. So check your ego and insecurities at the stable door, and enjoy your conversations with your horse.

Talk With Them Often

You can’t create a lasting bond with your horse if you don’t talk or interact with them often. In order to cement your bond, your horse needs to get used to your voice, body language, and certain commands and words. If you only communicate with your horse occasionally, then they may not pick up on certain commands or may be confused as to what you want. Therefore, chat with them often so they get used to your voice and the commands you give them. 

Be Mindful Of Your Tone

Though horses may not understand all the words you say, they will pick up on your tone right away. Therefore, you must be mindful of this so that you and your horse are emotionally on the same page throughout the conversation. 

For example, if you are just looking to calm your horse or have a happy interaction, use a softer tone, or the tone people use during typical baby talk or pet talk. On the other hand, if you are giving commands or disciplining your horse, use an assertive tone. This will communicate your mood to your horse, and they will adjust their body language and behaviors accordingly. 

Be Consistent With Commands

A huge part of equine communication is giving them commands that you will use while riding them. This is important as you need to be in control of your horse while riding, racing, or showing them. Although horses do not understand human language, they can pick up on certain words or patterns in your speech. Therefore, you need to be consistent in tone and structure with your commands so that your horse can learn them quickly. 

Utilize Body Language

Though verbal language is a great way to communicate with your horse, you cannot ignore or forget the importance of body language. In fact, body language is often the primary way that animals indicate their emotions and thoughts to others. Since other animals do not have the complex language dynamics that humans do, body language is critical when interacting with other species. 

Therefore, you need to be mindful of your body language as well as your horse’s. Frequently observe your horse to figure out if they are tense, angry, or relaxed. This will guide you on how to further interact with your horse so that your interactions remain positive. 

Furthermore, make sure to change your body language to indicate the emotions you want your horse to pick up on. For example, show relaxed body posture to promote a relaxed interaction. On the other hand, if you wish to discipline your horse, then show tenser and more commanding body language. 

Final Thoughts

Chatting with your horse is essential for lifelong bonding. Just like with other humans, communication is important to develop a deeper and lasting connection. Hopefully, this article provided you with some good tips to enhance your conversations with your horse. For more general chat tips, check out the link below:

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