How to Find the Perfect Breeches for You

It is no secret that finding the right pair of breeches is extremely important, especially if you want to experience the most comfortable ride possible. There are countless options to choose from, and everyone claims that they’ve made the best ones. With the USEF recently changing the rules to allow dressage riders to wear darker colors when competing, many riders will now be on the lookout for new quality breeches – a staple in any rider’s wardrobe.

Finding a perfect match in equestrian clothing is no mean feat. But fear not: Below, we’ve gathered the most important things to look out for when shopping for new breeches and some of our ultimate favorites.

Which Type of Seat Style Fits You and Your Discipline?

Breeches are made differently, and the extra fabric that makes them differ from regular pants can be placed differently depending on the type. There are two main types of seat styles for breeches and tights: knee patch and full seat. As the names suggest, one has patches of fabric or other material, such as silicone, for a more secure grip in the saddle. The other has material over the full seating area. 

Which one you’re most comfortable in is something you should consider before looking for new breeches. Generally, breeches with knee patches are most commonly used for disciplines such as jumping or in equestrian hunts, as your knees need the extra grip. In dressage, the rider wants to sit still on the horse and requires more of a full grip, which the full seat types of breeches offer.

They Should be Comfortable

As with other pants, there are so many combinations to choose from. You have to consider both the functionality and how they feel and look on you. There is no point in investing money in a pair of breeches that don’t really fit you or just don’t fit your style. Depending on how much time you spend at the barn, chances are you are in your breeches for hours every day, so they should never be uncomfortable.

Before trying breeches on, consider if you are most comfortable with them being high or low waisted, which color you want, if you want a specific fabric, etc. Feel free to get as picky as possible. We promise that the perfect pair for you is out there. If you aren’t sure, try out a few different kinds of breeches. It never hurts to test out multiple pairs.

Our Favorite Breeches for All Occasions

As promised, we’ll now recommend our favorite pair of breeches to you, since we know that the world of Equestrian Clothing can be hard to maneuver in. Our number one pair of breeches are the Yagya compression breeches. These are both comfortable, fashionable and perform flawlessly in the saddle. A golden trio, if you ask us!

These breeches are high-waisted full seat breeches that allow for good grip in all disciplines, even jumping and hunting events. The material used allows for nice air circulation and even has UV-protection for the upcoming outdoor season.

Remember to Think Green

The equestrian industry has tons of equipment, and most of us have more than we can ever use. When buying new breeches, or any other new equipment, consider selling or giving away your used equipment. This both helps the environment and allows you to earn a little of the money you’ve spent back. Instead of just buying, using and throwing equipment away, try and see if it can be of use to someone else. It is worth it in the long run.

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