Publisher’s Note: On The Plaid Horse’s 20th Anniversary, 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Piper


  1. Piper’s first show was on a pony named Pumpkin Pie.
  2. Piper loves eggs for breakfast and eats them every morning she can. Adam only eats eggs when she is at home.
  3. Piper has been to over 450 shows and equestrian events with The Plaid Horse.
  4. The big show Piper feels most at home at is The Devon Horse Show.
  5. The show that still intimidates Piper the most is Wellington International (formerly “WEF”).
  6. The thing Piper thought she wouldn’t have to do by now but still does on occasion is sleep in her car.
  7. Piper drinks her coffee black and drinks tea only after noon. The second half of the previous sentence is not true.
  8. Piper has not worn any make-up, for any occasion, in several years and puts moisturizer on at night and sunscreen in the morning.
  9. Something Piper does a hundred times a day is laugh.
  10. Piper’s favorite uncooked vegetable is peppers, which she bites into whole on the road.
  11. Piper reads about 30 fiction books every year in print, along with a large pile of equine books and other non-fiction.
  12. Piper has listened to the same book on Audible over 900 times—the first time, she was headed to United States Pony Club National Championships as a kid to compete in Knowdown (nowQuiz). If you want to know the book, walk up and ask Piper to tell you (no texting!). Piper considers it the perfect book after all these reads.
  13. Piper often leaves helpful notes to herself that say things like “magazines.” (What does that mean?)
  14. Piper will never give up wanting to write the great American novel, but one that is not a horse story. Piper has made no progress on that.
  15. Piper is most grateful for her husband, Adam Hill.
  16. Piper considers the perfect food to be the cheeseburger, although she will substitute an Impossible Burger at times.
  17. Piper earned her Ph.D. at age 24 and wallows in her self-pity by watching television. Piper has watched a lot of television.
  18. Piper is most at home on an adventure behind the wheel of a station wagon

*This story was originally published in the May 2022 issue of The Plaid Horse. Click here to read it now and subscribe for issues delivered straight to your door!

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