Matt Archer and Luigi VD Bisschop Top $25,000 1.40m Speed Classic at Temecula Valley National I

Matt Archer and Luigi VD Bisschop

Edited Press Release

Temecula, Calif. – May. 19, 2022 – Show jumping action continued Thursday evening at Nilforushan Equisport Events’ Temecula Valley National I in the Grand Prix Arena as eyes fell on the speed demons taking on the $25,000 1.40m Speed Classic sponsored by Duchateau. The feature class welcomed 39 competitors, taking to the course one by one in hopes of claiming the fastest clear round  all while trying to etch their names onto the qualifying list for the upcoming National Equestrian Tournament finals taking place during Temecula Valley National III. At the close of competition , it was ultimately Matt Archer and Luigi VD Bisschop who bested the pack to stand atop the podium in the winners circle. 

Matt Archer and Luigi VD Bisschop

The California sun shone over the Grand Prix Arena as competitors made their way to the delicate course designed by Peter Grant (CAN). Grant’s expansive course used every inch of the expansive arena  featuring three combinations off of short turns and multiple airy verticals requiring them to think fast, while also keeping all of the jumps in their respective cups. Each rider chose to take to their own respective tracks differently highlighting their horses strengths. Some chose to ride more conservatively, prioritizing maneuverability and inside turns to shave off precious seconds, while others opted to eat up the track with their horses natural footspeed and leave out strides as necessary. The third obstacle of the course presented a struggle for riders consistently throughout the class. The orange, square oxer was quick out of the turn off of the first bending line. Riders strived to save time in the corner, but were often unsuccessful in riding effectively to the base, leaving them with the front rail down. Of the 39 starters, 13 of them jumped without penalty.

Archer and Luigi VD Bisschop, owned by Rhys Farm LLC, immediately stepped on the gas pedal, presenting a confident ride from the start. The 11-year-old Belgian Warmblood gelding rose to the challenge and picked up an open gallop that allowed him to jump powerfully around the winding course which played to his massive stride as he ate up the track with ease. The pair took out strides in the bending lines and made efficient tight turns, ultimately securing the first place finish with a blazing fast time of 65.62 seconds, leaving the rest of the class unable to catch them. 

Mark Kinsella and Doraindo

Mark Kinsella and Doraindo were close behind to earn the red ribbon. No stranger to the fast track, Kinsella jumped solid efforts on his first two mounts earlier on in the class. Entering the ring on his third and final ride, Kinsella was in it to win it aboard Doraindo. The 14-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding owned by SWS Training & Sales jumped strikingly carefully to impress the crowd with his effort. The duo raced to an impressive time of 65.954 seconds, but fell just fractions of a second short of Archer, claiming second place honors.

Tina Yates and Ivaludine S

Tina Yates and Ivaludine S, owned by Lynn Parker, showcased some serious girl power putting in a great effort and riding in style to the third place finish. The 9-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare was speedy across the ground to finish with a time of 67.839 seconds on the clock. As Yates’s second ride in the class, she utilized her experience with the track to her advantage and returned to the ring confident in her plan ultimately securing her second podium finish of the week, having won the 1.40m open jumpers aboard the mare just one day prior. 


On Luigi VD Bisschop and their partnership:

“His name is Luigi in the barn and he was originally purchased for Mrs. Harvey to compete. She let me start showing him a little bit more and he is my best friend. He is really unassuming and can be super sensitive. He always, always tries to do the right thing.”

On the round:

“Peter Grant, my dear friend, was course designing, and he just builds courses that allow horses to be good horses and have a good rhythm. I knew that I could get the 8 from one to two, and I could look over and trust to three. He jumped unbelievable in the vertical-to-vertical to cover the four very well. He was great at the double at the end of the ring and great at the seven. I got a little bit stuck in my hand in the roll-back, but he was super. He just followed me beautifully to the last line.”

Matt Archer and Luigi VD Bisschop

On being in Temecula:

“I think Ali and Francie are really about the sport. They are dear friends of ours and we know that they wake up everyday and try to do the right thing for the horses and the sport. I think that Ali and Francie are really the driving force in doing things the right way and they are an unbelievable team.”

On the future with Luigi:

“We are very, very blessed because we have the support of the Harvey family which has been a career and a life-changing thing for us. My wife and I both benefit from them and they have been incredible people. My plan is to jump this week and next week here, and then we will go to Michigan. They offer 3* and 4* classes there in Michigan and that is really my big push right now.”

Matt Archer and Luigi VD Bisschop


Place / Horse / Rider / Owner / R1 Faults | R1 Time

  1. Luigi VD Bisschop / Matt Archer / Rhys Farm, LLC / 0 | 65.62
  2. Doraindo / Mark Kinsella / SWS Training & Sales / 0 | 65.95
  3. Ivaludine S / Tina Yates / Lynn Parker / 0 | 67.83
  4. Vulcana / Cassio Rivetti / Mavis Spencer / 0 | 68.64
  5. I’m Special / Jamie Taylor / Ali Nilforushan / 0 | 68.99
  6. Chaccrobat / Mitch Endicott / Bridgeport Farms, LLC / 0 | 69.44
  7. Volstrups Cody / Elisa Broz / Elisa Broz / 0 | 69.70
  8. Glamour Betty / Tina Yates / Y2M Investments, LLC / 0 | 70.24
  9. Chicharito LS / Bjorn Ikast / Skylark Equestrian, LLC / 0 | 72.30
  10. Blueberry De Breve / Mark Kinsella / Olivia Combs / 0 | 74.18
  11. Calypso V/D Zuuthoeve / Laura Hite / HF Farms LLC / 0 | 74.34
  12. Jeetjemina / Hanna Mauritzson / Ritz Fuente LLC / 0 | 74.91

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