Key Job Roles Reinforced by Microsoft AZ-800 Certification Exam

Are you still hesitant to pursue MS-101 Practice Test ? If yes, then stay on this page and know more about this technical path. In this article, you get to understand the key details about Windows Server hybrid core infrastructure, along with the job roles supported by the exam. Let’s commence with some relevant test features you ought to learn beforehand.

What is the exam all about?

MS-500 Practice Test thoroughly inspects your adeptness in the administration scope of hybrid core infrastructure in the Windows Server. The exam coverage mainly involves AD DS in both cloud settings and on-premises, workloads in a hybrid environment, virtual machines, containers, file services, and storage. On top of that, it offers you an understanding of how hybrid and on-premises networking infrastructure work. You can comprehend more about the topics at hand by checking out the skills outline. The certification gained after successfully completing both AZ-800 and AZ-801 is the MS-700 Practice Test : Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate.

What are the technical positions favored by the exam?

There are several job roles that suit the Microsoft AZ-800 certification test. Check out the list below and see if you are part of the specializations below:

  • Network Engineer

Mainly tasked to plan, implement, and manage key network infrastructures, network engineers can capitalize on the exam to improve their technical skills. It also gives them the opportunity to establish and configure Windows Server workloads in different environments.

  • Support Engineer

Just like network engineers, support engineers are some of the best candidates for the exam. Having a solid grasp of hybrid infrastructures allows you to effectively do your job and provide technical support to users.

  • Security Engineer

On the other hand, security engineers take up the role of ensuring a secure and seamless network. And by completing the exam, you are equipped with knowledge about MS-900 Practice Test.  Additionally, you get to know more about the nuts and bolts of Azure Security Center.

  • Identity And Access Administrator

Identity and access administrators are responsible for the design, integration, and supervision of the identity and access management of the business. In general, these professionals use the Azure AD, which is one of the major Microsoft services covered by the exam.

  • Information Protection Administrator

From translating requirements to planning compliance controls, information protection administrators can make use of the exam to further advance their skills in AZ-303 Practice Test controllers. This also helps them acquire insights about the technical implementation of hybrid solutions to assist control owners.

  • Technology Manager

Assigned to coordinate crucial information systems in key locations, technology managers may pursue the exam if they want to reinforce their abilities in managing the entirety of Windows Server workloads. It ensures that you have the right set of skills to administer the operation and management of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid technologies.


If you’re part of the above-mentioned job roles, then you are certainly a great fit for the Microsoft AZ-204 Practice Test. So, don’t think twice and follow this professional path and earn your certification as soon as possible! Who knows, this might just give you the biggest leap in your career, which opens up better opportunities and more benefits. Apart from this, you can also take up Azure Training to help you get well-versed in AZ-104, AZ-204, and also AZ-305.