Hector Florentino Roca and ABC Quantum Cruise Smoke the Competition in $75,000 Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ Grand Prix CSI2*

Hector Florentino Roca and ABC Quantum Cruise. Photo by Natalie Suto/TIEC

Edited Press Release

By Michelle Yelton for TIEC

Mill Spring, NC – May 28, 2022 – Hector Florentino Roca (DOM) and ABC Quantum Cruise smoked a field of 44 horse and rider pairs in the $75,000 Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ Grand Prix CSI2*, serving up a winning score of 44.07. Nearly landing first place was 15-year-old Caroline Mawhinney (USA), who placed second as the only female in the jumpoff aboard her own Stella Lavista, 2008 Hanoverian mare (Satisfaction FRH x Levisto), with a time of 44.96. In third place with 46.60 seconds was Juan Carlos Garcia (ITA) and Camille Lablond’s Kaiser Van Het Lambroeck, the 2010 Belgian Warmblood stallion (Nabab de Reve x For Pleasure). Florentino Roca also placed fourth with Wyndmont’s Meadowvale Cruise, 2011 Irish Sport Horse gelding (Creevagh Ferro x Cruising).

With two of the seven horses in the jump off, Florentino Roca praised the challenging course set by Anthony d’Ambrosio (Red Hook, NY).

“The course was perfect. [Anthony d’Ambrosio] is a top-class course designer. He knew the crowd he had, a lot of good riders and horses, and he made it tough enough. I know he didn’t want too many in the jump-off, so I think he was happy with the number,” said Florentino Roca.

Caroline Mawhinney and Stella Lavista
©Natalie Suto for TIEC

While his teammate thankfully delivered the win, Florentino Roca was quick to explain that he is still figuring out his quick partner of less than a year.

“This is a horse I’ve got to ride since about November of last year from Wyndmont Farms. This horse is very careful and very fast. He’s a little tricky to ride, meaning he always wants to go, but I’m figuring him out. I don’t want to claim that I’ve completely figured him out because then the next time I just can’t ride him, but we’re getting along quite well. As you can see, he can win!” added Florentino Roca.

Juan Carlos Garcia and Kaiser Van Het Lambroeck
©Natalie Suto for TIEC

While taxing for many riders, d’Ambrosia’s tight course and a smaller ring were a benefit for Ronnie Beard and Wyndmont’s 2009 Irish Sport Horse gelding (Obos Quality x Cruising).

“The ring here is a bit smaller compared to some other rings that we showed in during the winter, and I think that was a little bit to my advantage in this case. My horse likes to go a lot, and because he didn’t have a lot of straightaways and had to make turns, that helped me keep him in control,” explained Florentino Roca.

Hector Florentino Roca in his presentation ceremony with Caroline Mawhinney and Juan Carlos Garcia along with (from L-R) Mike Brunette, Collyn McDonald and Cheryl Antoncic of Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ, and TIEC President Sharon Decker.
©Natalie Suto for TIEC

Florentino Roca will stay at TIEC for a couple more weeks to compete and work with clients.

“I have clients coming next week and I’m hoping that they have good results, too. That’s very important to me and I’m really looking forward to that. I’m very excited for the next two weeks here. I don’t want to be greedy, but I hope they go as well as they have been,” concluded Florentino Roca.

Rigo Leon, the groom for Meadowvale Cruise was presented with the Groom’s Award.
©Natalie Suto for TIEC

Results: $75,000 Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ Grand Prix CSI2*

Horse Name, Year Breed gender (Sire x Dam Sire)
Rider (COUNTRY), Owner: Faults/Faults/Time

  • 1. ABC Quantum Cruise, 2009 Irish Sport Horse gelding (Obos Quality x Cruising)
  • Hector Florentino (DOM), Ronnie Beard and Wyndmont: 0/0/44.07
  • 2. Stella Levista, 2008 Hanoverian mare (Satisfaction FRH x Levisto)
  • Caroline Mawhinney (USA), Caroline Mawhinney: 0/0/44.96
  • 3. Kaiser Van Het Lambroeck, 2010 Belgian Warmblood stallion (Nabab de Reve x For Pleasure) Juan Carlos Garcia (ITA), Camille Lablond: 0/0/46.60
  • 4. Meadowvale Cruise, 2011 Irish Sport Horse gelding (Creevagh Ferro x Cruising)
  • Hector Florentino Roca (DOM) Wyndmont: 0/0/47.77
  • 5. Keoki, 2009 Holsteiner gelding (Catoki x Cassini I)
  • David Blake (IRL), Pine Hollow Farm: 0/4/46.89
  • 6. Balous Diamond, 2010 Westphalian gelding (Balous Bellini x Polydor)
  • Gavin Moylan (CAN), Gavin Moylan: 0/4/51.39
  • 7. Buga Z, 2010 Zangersheide gelding (Chester Z x Quality Touch Z)
  • Samuel Parot (CHI), Samuel Parot: 0/8/45.21
  • 8. Champion League, 2013 Hanoverian stallion (Cador 5 x Contendro I)
  • Daniel Michan (MEX), Juan Carlos Arriaga Camacho: 1/83.09
  • 9. Irvington VDL, 2013 Zangersheide gelding (Dallas x Quick Star)
  • Amanda Flint (USA), VDL Stud: 2/84.73
  • 10. Pampero, 2010 Oldenburg gelding (Chacco-Blue x Nekton)
  • Santiago Lambre (BRA), Mario Onate: 4/76.3
  • 11. Bull Run’s Faustino De Tili, 2005 Belgian Warmblood stallion (Berlin x Darco)
  • Kristen VanderVeen (USA), Bull Run Jumpers Five LLC: 4/78.74
  • 12. Cardora, 2010 Holsteiner mare (Caretino 2 x Clearway)
  • Tomas Yofre (ARG), Stellium Sport Horses LLC: 4/79.6

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