Belmont Stakes Horses: Secretariat

Big Red is widely believed to be the highest achieving thoroughbreds in history. His achievements at the Belmont Stakes are unmatched, and he has gone on to secure his dynasty during his career. 

Because of the intense amount of competition that is currently on the rise, many people are placing their bets on who will be the next Secretariat. Make sure to take a look at the latest Belmont Stakes odds in order to predict the performance of current thoroughbred champions at Belmont Park. 

Here is a look into one of the highest achieving horses at the Belmont Stakes, who has made history for the event and within the Triple Crown. Secretariat really was one of a kind. Read on for more information about this powerful chestnut thoroughbred. 

Closest Rivals

Firstly, Secretariat appeared at the 1973 Belmont Stakes, and held his ground against his closest competitor. Sham was another high achieving thoroughbred who was keeping a steady pace for the first turn on the track at Belmont Park. Suddenly, in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, Secretariat began to gain momentum until he completed the route. 

The thoroughbred ended the momentous race a record-breaking 31 lengths ahead of Twice a Prince, who was runner-up in the 1973 Belmont Stakes. Something which made Secretariat’s achievements appear even more impressive was the way in which he made his immense speed look effortless. 

Thanks to hard work during training, and the guidance of jockey Ron Turcotte, the pair made history that year for the Triple Crown, and for all of American thoroughbred racing. Their movements appeared seamless and like they were both born to race at Belmont Park. 

Something that makes his performance at the Belmont Stakes so impressive, is the fact that Belmont Park has the longest track in North America. It is widely regarded as the toughest racetrack of the Triple Crown, which is where the nickname the Test of Champions comes from. 

Record Performance

Secretariat truly was a powerhouse in 1973, as Turcotte was able to channel the chestnut champion to setting speed records for each event of the Triple Crown. However, his performance at Belmont Park is what made him such a champion internationally. 

Among other achievements, big red set the top speed at Belmont Park in 1973. Having completed the track in 2:24.00, Secretariat became the fastest horse in the history of the Belmont Stakes. His impressive record for speed still remains today, which is something that many thoroughbred racers strive towards during their time at Belmont Park. 

Another standout record that was set by Secretariat was the highest winning distance. Because he was an impressive 31 lengths ahead of his closest competitor, he set the record for the largest margin of victory that has ever occurred at Belmont Park. Secretariat also broke the record for the fastest mile-and-a-half on a dirt track. 

Having successfully won the final event of the Triple Crown, Secretariat was also responsible for ending the 25-year-long drought in competition winners. His performance at the 1973 Belmont Stakes earned him the title for the greatest performance of the twentieth century by a North American racehorse. 


In honor of his speed record still standing today, there is a statue of Secretariat located at Belmont Park paddocks. The bronze statue commemorates this champions’ efforts and contributions to the event. 

Along with the winner of the Belmont Stakes being covered in a blanket of white carnations, there is a smaller one which covers Secretariat’s statue every year. This thoroughbred truly has a special place in horse racing enthusiasts’ hearts. 

Additionally, Secretariat’s legacy was passed on when he sired champions of the next generation. These include the 1988 winner of the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes, Risen Star. Not only that, but the 1986 Horse of the Year, Lady’s Secret. 

However, Secretariat’s biggest legacy comes from still holding the record for the fastest time at Belmont Park. The closest anybody has gotten to beating this has fallen within two seconds of the impressive time. 


Secretariat was a highly impressive thoroughbred with unmatched power and capacity for enormous speeds. He achieved huge things during the 1973 horse racing events, but one of his most significant achievements comes from the fastest time at the Belmont Stakes. 

Secretariat’s speed continues to be the record that thoroughbreds strive towards today. With his jockey Ron Turcotte, the pair achieved huge things, and demonstrated an ability to move effortlessly through any track. There is definitely a reason why the Belmont Stakes is known as the Test of Champions.