The Plaid Horse Questionnaire With: Colleen Acosta

Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

Fairway Farm owner and trainer  •  Cross Roads, TX

I am most proud of: my horsemanship. 

I would most like to improve on: organization. 

I’d be lost without: spurs in my tack trunk and sticky spray in my ring bag. 

I think the biggest misconception about our sport is: you have to be ‘rich’ to do it. 

My favorite horse book is: Black Beauty. 

My favorite non-horse book is: Julie of the Wolves. 

I’m a sucker for a: sweet horse. Once I bought a horse because he was talking to me and hugged me. 

On Mondays, you’ll find me: at the barn. 

I sometimes wish I had the time to learn: more business. 

I’m afraid of: failure. 

Something I say ten times a day is: graze your ponies. 

One of my greatest show ring victories was: jumping the World Cup class in Fort Worth with one rail down in December. 

One of the best horse names I’ve ever heard is: Captain Underpants. 

My absolute favorite show is: Otomi in San Miguel, Mexico, because it has great grass, great hospitality, and it’s a very prestigious horse show. 

The horse person I most admire is: my groom, Simon, because he is a super horseman.

My best piece of advice for young riders is: You have to be determined 

My motto is: work hard, play hard.  

*This story was originally published in the May/June 2022 issue of The Plaid Horse. Click here to read it now and subscribe for issues delivered straight to your door!

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