An advantageous substitute for medicines or sedatives is PEMF. PEMF therapy is a secure, drug-free, and non-invasive treatment because many horse trainers are searching for all-natural ways to heal diseases affecting horse health.

After one to two PEMF Therapy sessions, owners and trainers observe marked improvement, which gives the owner more faith in PEMF for the horse’s recovery and their healthy line.

Not just a localized issue, but the entire system will be benefited. Even when a horse is being treated for a very particular condition, like a tendon issue, the entire health system of the horse is being addressed.

What do you mean by PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy for horses is useful for treating many cell-related injuries as part of the general holistic approach to equestrian therapy. Before going into detail, first let’s have some brief description about PEMF Therapy;

It is defined as: “Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy is a series of electromagnetic impulses that are directed towards the tissues/cells where it induces an electrical signal to stimulate repair at cellular level.”

Is PEMF Therapy really good enough for horses?

PEMF Therapy is known for its relieving properties in horses for their healthy line. Various conditions that can be benefitted are detailed as under;

·  Pain reliever (Analgesic).

·  Reduce Inflammation.

·  Enhance blood circulation.

·  Repair/Regeneration of bones and muscles.

What are the various health conditions treated by PEMF Therapy in horses?

It can be used to provide healthy line to horses, as it can ease conditions like;

·  Hoof boils/abscess.

·  Laminitis.

·  Arthritis.

·  GIT disturbances.

·  Anhidrosis.

In addition to helping with back, stifle, hock, and shoulder pain, it is also helpful in reducing tendon and ligament problems. Additionally, they aid in the relief of non-union fractures, stone bruising, and the stimulation of wounds that are not healing properly.

List various best PEMF Devices in 2020:

Numerous physical health advantages of equine PEMF will enhance a horse’s performance. Enhanced blood flow, improved nutrition absorption and higher cell oxygenation will increase strength, speed and mobility of a horse. It can be done by various designed devices like;

·  Portable PEMF System.

·  PEMF Coils.

·  PEMF Hoof paddles/boxes.

·  PEMF Ropes.

·  PEMF Mats/Blankets.

·  PEMF Boots.

·  Activo-Med equine therapy systems: The first equine therapy systems in the world that integrate PEMF and cyclonic massage.

A healthier horse with a lower risk of illness and injury will live longer. Equine PEMF therapy can enhance a horse’s mental health, which in turn can enhance the horse’s quality of life.

The FDA has approved pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to treat sadness and anxiety, and it can lift a horse’s spirits.

What are the uses of Pro-Blankets, boots and light therapy systems?

It will just take 10 to 15 minutes for a PEMF Therapy to be completed after applying devices. This is a fantastic technique to improve flexibility, stride length, cardio-vascular fitness, and assist in developing muscular tone, core strength, and general wellbeing. Various uses include;

·  Healing sore mouth and pole tightness.

·  Tight shoulders and pectoral muscles.

·  Bump bruises and wounds.

·  Gluteal area and tight hamstring tension.

·  Sore back as well as sacroiliac issues.

Most modern designed forms of PEMF DEVICES:

·  PEMF Wrap for neck.

·  PEMF Wrap for leg (Both front and rear).

·  PEMF Band for shoulders.

·  PEMF Blanket placed at back.

Describe Basic mechanism behind PEMF Effectiveness in horses?

PEMF Therapy targets at imparting electromagnetic waves to the horse body. These electromagnetic waves help in promoting health in a way that when a low frequency, positive electromagnetic field is developed at the wounded or healing area, they enable the removal of poisons(toxins) from cells.

These advantageous electromagnetic waves can then activate the cellular level natural healing process, which can aid in healing.