These are The Best Horse Online Games

Almost all teenage girls dream of owning their own pony and being able to take care of it. However, many adults also dream of owning their own horse and having great adventures with it. Betting and gambling is also strongly connected to the community of horse lovers as there are many horse races where you can place your bets. For those who like the thrill of gambling you can even find horse-themed slot machines on sites like

It doesn’t matter if you are a kid, teenager or already an adult, the dream can definitely be realized in the horse games category. Owning a horse in reality is very expensive, starting with the purchase and ending with the upkeep. The alternative here is definitely a horse online game to immerse yourself in the world of horses. Even in the world of online casinos, this theme is represented. 

With online horse games dreams can finally come true

If you choose to play a horse game instead of spending time with these beautiful animals in nature, you probably don’t have the means to buy a horse or maintain it. Besides, there’s nothing wrong here with making mistakes when feeding or caring for the horse. 

This does not immediately make an old nag out of a former magnificent stallion. In many Internet games horses are used for breeding, for example, or the animals live comfortably on a farm. However, mounts are also offered in fantastic MMORPGs.

Care and nurture virtual horses

Sometimes the nearest horse farm is much closer than you think. Horse online games are often all about raising and caring for the animals. Starting with the table form with pictures, continuing with the animation, up to the complete 3D game with everything that goes with it. Since the selection of different horse games is already quite large, one has here quite the agony of choice. 

So here, everything depends on personal preferences of kids, adults or students, who want to learn interactively how to care for horses. Usually, you can always decide which breed it should be and what your favorite horse should look like in the end. Of course, just like in real life, you can also give your protégé a name. Many online horse games are equipped with elements of classic RPGs, such as character development and equipment.

Fancy some equestrian sport?

For all those who are particularly enthusiastic about equestrian sports, however, the selection here is also correspondingly large. Whether you prefer dressage, show jumping or racing, you will find the right game for everyone. Horse lovers also enjoy podcasts with their favorite animals horses & hounds, which is a great combination in sports and hunting. Online horse games with gambling elements are also increasingly represented. 

In these games, however, you don’t have to climb into the saddle yourself, of course, but here you act as a manager for jockey and horse in professional sports. In some horse games, however, the focus is simply on the excursion high on horseback. So you can finally experience the feeling and happiness on the back of a horse.

The most popular horse online games

HORSE FARM: Horse Farm online game allows the player to finally realize the long-cherished dream of owning a pony farm. Here you can take care of really very cute horses to your heart’s content.

BIG FARM: In this game you can finally become a successful farmer. Because here not only cute animals are bred, but also planted vegetables.

STAR STABLE: For those who have always dreamed of having the most amazing adventures on the back of a horse, Star Stable is just the right game. Here you’ll take care of your horse and participate in competitions together with him.

HOWRSE: Even though in real life it is completely impossible for many horse lovers to keep a horse, the game Howrse offers everything a pony and horse lover’s heart desires.

HORSE HAVEN WORLD ADVENTURES: Thanks to this game, you can finally experience the exciting adventures on the back of a horse that you have dreamed of for so long.

EQUIDAN: The game Equidan makes sure that you can build a fantastic horse farm. Here you can create your very own equestrian paradise and lovingly take care of your charges.

SULKYLAND: The game Equidan makes sure that you can build a fantastic horse farm. Here you can create your very own equestrian paradise and lovingly take care of your charges.

WILD HORSE’S VALLEY: Wild Horse’s Valley invites you to dive deep into the world of horses, because here the player himself plays a stallion whose task is to guide his herd safely through the wilderness.

PONEY VALLÉE: If you’ve always wanted to breed horses yourself, this is the game for you, because you breed your own horse breed in this game. There are really no limits to creativity here, because you choose both the coat color and the shape of the animals yourself.

WILDER REITER: The German game Wilder Reiter allows the player to create his own farm and not only take care of his own horses there, but also prepare them for big competitions.

HORSE STAR: This game will make sure that you slowly but surely go from being a mediocre rider to a real riding pro. The acquired skills to be a better rider will then be put to the test at tournaments.

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