What are Ophena Safety Stirrups?


Although the equestrian brand Ophena only started its journey some years back, it has already become one of the most popular brands on the market. Ophena manufactures safety stirrups with improved safety elements and exceptionally beautiful design. What makes Ophena stand out is not simply the increased safety aspects and visually pleasing stirrup design, however: they also feature unique elements that no other brand uses. 

Ophena safety stirrups are becoming increasingly popular. Already now, Ophena has over 1300 five-star reviews online. So, what are Ophena safety stirrups and are they worth the money?

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups for improved safety

When Ophena first launched their website, they had one product that grabbed people’s attention: Ophena S. This is a magnetic safety stirrup with some unique features that made equestrians all over the world raise their eyebrows in interest. Later on, Ophena added Ophena S Pro, and now these are their magnetic safety stirrups that are purchased and loved all over the world. 

Ophena’s magnetic safety stirrups feature a magnetic connection that keeps the rider’s foot in place during a ride and decreases the chance of losing the stirrup. Also, both of these stirrup models feature an open design that allows the rider’s foot to release easier in case of a fall, thus decreasing the chance of a serious injury. 

In fact, many of Ophena’s stirrup reviews have pointed out situations where the open design made it easy for the rider to get out of the stirrups in dangerous situations.

The magnetic safety stirrups also feature a Smart Attach™ -system that makes attaching and removing the stirrups to and from the stirrup leathers very simple and fast. 

What are the benefits?

As there are many different safety stirrup brands on the market, one might wonder what the benefits of Ophena safety stirrups are compared to others. 

  • The magnetic connection keeps the rider’s foot in place during a ride
  • Improves balance and position
  • Ensures the correct placement of the leg
  • Makes giving aids more effective
  • Decreases possible knee and hip pain
  • Makes it easy to get out of the stirrups in case of an accident

Ophena A for all disciplines

Magnetic safety stirrups are an excellent choice especially for showjumpers, and they are in fact, approved by the FEI. However, dressage riders are not allowed to use magnetic safety stirrups at shows, so Ophena created another safety stirrup: Ophena A.

This stirrup model does not include a magnetic connection. However, it features patent-pending safety tech that improves the safety of equestrians. 

The Twister is a silicone piece that closes the outer side of the stirrups, attaching at two anchor points. It releases in all directions when pressure is applied, so the rider’s foot will release easier in case of an accident.

Ophena stirrups improve safety and decrease the chance of serious injury

While Ophena safety stirrups are visually pleasing, their ultimate goal is to increase the safety of riders, which they do very effectively. There is a reason why over a thousand people rated Ophena stirrups five stars: improved safety and decreased chance of serious injury.