5 Strides With: Chance Ste Hermelle

Chance Ste Hermelle and Natalie Dean. Photo by Jump Media

An “Interview” with the Show Jumper (via her rider, Natalie Dean!)

The 14-year-old Belgian Sport Horse mare helped the United States finish second in the $150,000 FEI Nations Cup in Wellington, FL, in March, and she was also second in the $150,000 Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Grand Prix at the Las Vegas National Horse Show in November.

1. If you could eat any human food, what would it be and why?

I love sugar cubes! I am a little funny when people try to get on me, so my groom, Miguel, pops one in my mouth every time someone gets on. I also tried a peach popsicle recently and really liked it. 

2. What was it like to show at the Las Vegas National?

Las Vegas was a really good show for me. I have a lot of blood, so the small indoor ring really helped keep me calm. I didn’t even have to get lunged there, which is unusual.

Photo by Jump Media

3. What’s the best part about a jump off? 

I like the longer gallops because I have a big stride, and it’s one of the only times that Natalie isn’t trying to slow me down.

4. Do you prefer day classes or night classes?

I prefer night classes because I enjoy competing under the lights in front of a big crowd. I also like that it’s not as hot at night because I tend to sweat a lot.

5. Tell us about your life at home when you’re not competing.

I love being groomed and getting lots of attention. I know just the right face to make to get a cookie from Miguel or Natalie. I don’t get to jump very much, but I always get ridden so I can stretch my legs out. Natalie never rides me for too long, even though I could go for hours. She tells me I get too fit, but I like to work.  

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