Horse Racing Betting – How to Find the Best Odds

The basic types of bets for horse betting in Australia are a “Win” and a “Place” bet. Although the latter may seem like a better bet, the odds on a place bet are not as good as those on a win bet. Place bet odds are usually about one-fourth of win bet odds. Here are some tips to help you bet wisely. Read on to learn how to find the best horse betting odds in Australia.

Best horse racing betting strategy

One of the best horse racing betting strategies involves wagering on the favourites. The general rule is that more than 60% of the favorites lose. Laying a favorite horse could lead to a winning bet. To find the best bets, monitor the market odds closely. While laying a favorite may seem like a bad idea, you might find that it is the right choice. By doing your research, you can find a horse with good odds and a good price.

Finding the best odds

The first tip for new punters when it comes to horse betting is finding the best odds. The more bookmakers you can compare, the more likely you are to get the best odds. However, even the best odds are not always the same. That’s where odds comparison sites come in handy. You’ll need to use multiple accounts to get the best odds, and a site that compares odds across bookmakers is your best option.

Using a fixed odds bookie

If you’re interested in maximizing your profits, you may want to consider utilizing a fixed odds bookie to place your bets. Fixed odds betting refers to wagering against the odds offered by bookmakers, individual bettors, and bet exchanges. The purpose of this type of betting is to place bets on an event with set payouts. In Australia, this is commonly referred to as SP betting.

Using a mobile app

Although it can be annoying to be unable to log into your account on your desktop or mobile phone, using a horse betting app is still a viable option. It is a faster way to place bets than the traditional method, and many Australian bookmakers are eager to accommodate bettors’ requests. However, there are some important factors to look for in a horse betting app. Here are some tips to make the process easier for you:

Betting on beaten favourites

Bettors may be inclined to back the beaten favourite when they are backed at a lower price, but that’s a bad idea. These horses often don’t come back as favorites, and the odds may be far from accurate. You must pay close attention to the odds and fluctuation of the favourite. One horse that started as a $3.00 favourite can drift to $2.00, or even $7.00, by the time it finishes last.

Using a trifecta bet

In horse racing, you can use a trifecta bet to win big in many situations. For instance, you can place a bet on a horse that finishes first or second, and then multiply that bet by the number of winning lines. The minimum stake for this type of bet is one-pence per line, which equals about $50. The trifecta bet may also be called a Banker Trifecta, which involves betting on three horses in the same race.

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