Zygmunt and Catherine Kramer Conquer $10,000 Non-Pro Traverse City Hunter Derby

Catherine Kramer and Zygmunt. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

Edited Press Release

Catherine Kramer started out Sunday of GLEF IV on a winning note, capturing top honors in the $10,000 Non-Pro Traverse City Hunter Derby with her new mount, Zygmunt. Kramer and the 8-year-old Polish Warmblood gelding rode to two top scores, sealing the deal in the first derby of the day.

“Our partnership is fairly new,” Kramer said of her relationship with Zygmunt. “I started riding him at the end of the 2022 winter season. I’ve gotten to know him very well since then. He’s fairly green still so we’re working out some kinks. He’s grown a lot and I’m very excited for the future with him. He’s been a really good boy for me.”

Scoring a 90 in round one, Kramer was last to return for the handy. Augusta Iwasaki set the bar high with scores of 89.5 and 91 for an overall score of 180.5, so Kramer knew she had to deliver in order to take the win.

The Indianapolis, IN, native struck a balance between taking risks and playing it safe in the handy round, watching each of the pairs before her and knowing what it would take to get the highest score for round two. Earning a high score of 92 in the handy round, she secured her win with an overall score of 182. Iwasaki and Elizabeth Reilly’s Small Moments took second, while Katie McDonnell and Ritz claimed third on a 174.5 final score.

Catherine Kramer and Zygmunt. Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography

“He’s very much a puppy dog around the barn,” Kramer continued about Zygmunt. “He’s super sweet and so spoiled. He loves treats. As far as his ride, he’s very easy going. He likes to be left alone once you establish your pace. He’s learning his job and doing really well.”

After four weeks in Michigan, Kramer plans to stay one more week and hopes to capture some top results before she heads to college in the fall. The 18-year-old rider will be competing for Baylor University’s equestrian team while also continuing to grow with her new horse.

Final Results: $10,000 Non Pro Traverse City Hunter Derby

1. Zygmunt / Catherine Kramer / Catherine Kramer / 90 + 92 = 182
2. Small Moments / Augusta Iwasaki / Elizabeth Reilly / 89.5 + 91 = 180.5
3. Ritz / Katie McDonnell / Katie McDonnell / 88 + 86.5 = 174.5
4. Breckenridge / Abigail Gordon / Ashland Farms / 85 + 88 = 173
5. Easter / Sarah Stary / Kristoff Petro / 86 + 86 = 172
6. Kuore / Maya Rahaim / Renaud Farm LLC / 87.5 + 82 = 169.5
7. Harvard Grad / Avery Lambert / Avery Lambert / 88 + 80.5 = 168.5
8. Gladwell / Riley Hogan / Donald Stewart / 83 + 85 = 168
9. Black Label B / Owen Gajoch / Owen Gajoch / 84 + 83 = 167
10. Fernando HS / Olivia Pittenger / Peyton Rathbun / 87 + 79 = 166
11. Million Reasons / Ella Reinauer / Gillan Wing / 81.5 + 70 = 151.5
12. Indigo / August Sanders / Briton Sanders / 82 + 49 = 131

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