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Samantha Schaefer. Photo by SAS Photography

Photos by SAS Photography

Throughout her life, Samantha Schaefer has fully immersed herself in horses. At the age of seven, she started showing pony hunters, riding to the top of the winners’ circle, which propelled her into her successful professional career. Now, an accomplished champion, Schaefer trains horses and riders at Shadow Ridge Farm, where she continues riding and coaching her way to top finishes within both hunter and jumper rings. A frequent Grand Prix top finisher with her horse and partner Frasier, Samantha has also staked her success in the hunter arena with her top Derby horse, Spyder (In the Know) with recent wins at Traverse City in the derbies. Along with her role at Shadow Ridge Farm and her busy schedule, she is also an ambassador for Exhibitor’s, the premium line of professional grooming products. 
With unrivaled performance and break-through color enhancing technology, Exhibitor’s Color-Enhancing System is pH balanced, contains no harsh chemicals, bleaches, or dyes, and intensifies your horse’s natural coat color, coat contrast and shine. The Exhibitor’s System is an intensifying solution for equine hair that gently cleans and removes stains while creating an incredibly soft, clean feel and shine, giving your horse that polished look every equestrian strives to achieve. 
“My favorite thing about the Exhibitor’s System is the customized feel their products provide. It is not a one shampoo fits all, they really cater to all the areas whether it be with Quic Braid, or the different shampoos catered to different colored horses,” states Schaefer. “Quic Silver is my favorite product because nothing makes a white horse brighter!” 

Exhibitor’s exclusive color-enriching preparation begins with a fresh and clean coat for maximum color enhancement; therefore, it is imperative to start by using Quic Shampoo, which is specifically formulated for the color boosting process. This also deeply and gently cleans, removing all dirt and debris from coat, mane, and tail. Once you have primed the coat, you can move forward with your intensifying color shampoo of choice. Our renowned Quic Silver continues to intensify and whiten with bold diamond-white results and works wonders on grays, palominos, and albinos. If you’re in need of a dark shade intensifier, Quic Black subdues unwanted red tones for a rich color on blacks, dark browns, and all ebony shades. Quic Color was created for chestnuts, sorrels, bays, and browns, naturally revealing in full intensity, every copper, and chestnut color within the mane, tail and coat. Finally, rinse the color shampoo thoroughly, and finish with Quic Conditioner concentrating on the mane and tail to seal and moisturize for a softer, longer lasting color leaving your horse soft, smooth, shiny, and protected. For the finishing touch, @exhibitorsequine Quic Sheen adds a fantastic glow, provides slippery benefits for removing burrs and debris in mane and tails while also repelling dust and dirt. Grab Quic Braid for show-ring results and the perfect “grip” for tighter, neater braids with minimal stray hairs.  

“Since using Exhibitor’s products on my horses, I have noticed they have healthier coats! With our demanding show schedule, we are always washing the horses and giving baths, so they are ready to show and look their best. Exhibitor products do not dry out the coats or manes and tails which is great,” explains Schaefer. 

These products will be your secret weapon to tame unruly manes and tails, and a must-have in your tack box. To purchase @exhibitorsequine System, visit your local feed or tack store, Tractor Supply, or shop online at

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Q&A with Samantha Schaefer – Instagram @samantha__schaefer 

E: What is your most memorable horse experience and/or win? 

SS: As a junior I would say USET finals in 2011 – That was a special win for me and the team at Heritage Farm. As a professional, I would say grand champion and leading professional hunter rider at the national horse show in 2020. This week was extra special as it was the last show I got to spend with Bill Ellis, a longtime family friend and mentor who was also a past winner of the award.  

E: Any advice for alleviating those show-ring jitters? 

SS: I like to go over the course in my head repeatedly. I also try to stay busy and not put too much pressure on myself. Just think through my plan, trust I’m prepared and do my best to execute one step at a time.  

E: Most challenging thing you’re/you’ve experiencing and how you will overcome/fix it? 

SS: I think I am always trying to learn and adjust to different horses to get the most out of each one. There are times I want them all to go a certain way, but it is important to remember that to get the most out of a horse often requires you to meet them in the middle when it comes to their training. I also think it is important to learn from every opportunity, whether it be horses or people.  

E: Favorite thing about your horse Fraiser and why? 

SS: His personality!!! He used to be shy and a bit nervous around the barn but he’s really comfortable with his people now. I think his trust and confidence in his team makes him grow to be an even better competitor in the ring!!  

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