TPH Review: Rambo Protector Fly Sheet with Disc Front 


We all want to keep our horses comfortable, all year round. In the summer, that means protection from flies. I have been using Horseware products on my horses for as long as I can remember, and the Rambo Protector Fly Sheet with Disc Front has become a great warm weather addition. 

Diminishing the annoyance of flies (and the potential for itchiness, hives, or sores) shouldn’t come at the expense of the horse’s comfort in the field, so that is why I was extremely pleased with this fly sheet. 

For starters, it was great to see that my horse did not come inside sweaty from turnout. After taking off the fly sheet, I saw no rubs or sweat marks; the fly sheet not only keeps him cool, but it also fits him well. Given the high temperatures we endure in the summer, it’s always important to not add anything that could lead to extra warmth during turnout. The breathability almost makes it seem as if he isn’t wearing anything at all.

As you can see from the photos, this fly sheet has a unique front closure. Because Rambo’s products last for such a long time, it has been a few years since I’ve needed a new one, and this feature was something to get used to. However, I quickly realized its purpose. The closure definitely adds to the comfort of the fly sheet. When horses buck, play, and roll in turnout, sheets and fly sheets often shift around. With the disc front closure, the front of the fly sheet remains flat across the horse’s chest, and I’m confident my horse is comfortable in it as a result. I’m a fan.

I’ve been impressed by the other features outlined by the brand: The fly sheet offers protection from both bugs and sun, with 65% UV protection. 

The cut-out leg arches are another standout feature—The dual leg arches and three straight surcingles are meant to offer maximum coverage, while the extra depth to the knee offers better protection. Rambo’s leg arches and surcingles keep the barrel portion of the blanket flush to my horse’s sides. 

For those who choose fly sheets for their horses, this is a sound investment; I’m a firm believer in Horseware products’ quality and durability. 

For more information on this Horseware product, click here.

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