Top 5 Horse Race Betting Strategy That Is Proven Effective

Strategy is one of the most important factors every bettor should consider. It is what separates a successful and professional bettor from rookies and those who fail significantly in horse race betting. 

If you are committed to horse betting not on Gamstop and plan to make it a long-term hobby, you should consider creating a strategy that works well for you. Check out these top five popular horse race betting strategies that are proven effective, and pick one that you think best suits you. 

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The Dutch Betting Strategy

When betting, you shouldn’t only take time to do research like handicapping the speed and knowing how using times to wager on horses can help you increase your chance of winning. You must as well know what strategy to use. 

The first betting strategy you should consider when betting on the next horse race journey is dutch betting or also known as the dutching system. This type of betting strategy is where you are needed to bet on more than one possible outcome of the same race instead of just backing on one. 

The dutch betting strategy is commonly used in horse racing and football. This strategy’s main goal is to win and profit from one of the multiple outcomes you bet on. The bettor’s wage will be equally split and will be placed accordingly. 

In this way, whichever wager will win provides you with equal profit. A Dutching system might be a beneficial strategy you can use as long as you know the right wager to place. 

It is also important where you are going to bet, because each bookmaker offers different options, such as: odds, withdrawal methods, the list of available sports, the availability of live betting, mobile functionality and most importantly, reliability and safety. The easiest way to check all this is to look at comparative reviews at or go to betting forums to read the experiences of real people with certain sites, but this way may take a lot of time. But the choice is always up to you.

The 80/20 System 

Another strategy that many bettors use is the 80/20 system. It is a strategy for earning from horses through wagering on them to win and get a place on the betting exchange. If you want to use this horse race betting strategy, you will need to bet 20% on the horse that will win the race and 80% on the same horse to finish with a place. 

Many bettors who have just started the 80/20 system wonder how this system can help them win. 

First, you have to consider that anything could happen in a race. In the beginning, you might see your horse galloping its way to the front, almost like he’s flying. However, as he enters the final furlong, he suddenly starts to slow down and only crosses the finish line second or third. 

This scenario happens a lot of times. If you want to counteract such a situation, you need to use the 80/20 as a betting strategy and benefit from it. 

The Place Laying System

The place laying betting system is a strategy that some horse race bettors use for placing thoroughbreds to lose in the Place Market on betting exchanges. This system is easy to follow, you won’t have to worry about being a beginner. 

However, you have to remember that if you use this strategy correctly, you will gain healthy profit from horse racing. 

Using the place laying system as a strategy, you will need to lay two horses with low odds in a similar race. You must choose a race between 5 and 7 contenders because you would like the race to only pay for the first and second place in the each-way market. 

You will earn a profit from this strategy when one or both of your chosen horses don’t finish the race as a first or second placer. It is why you should pick the lowest odds in the lineup possible. 

You’re looking at around 1.3 to 1.4, which will give you just around the 2.8 mark. Once you have chosen these two horses, you must place a lay bet on them. And remember, your chosen horses shouldn’t win the race to profit from this betting strategy. 

The Yankee Strategy 

This next betting strategy has been around for ages which is why it was called the grandfather of all betting strategies. In this strategy, you must choose four horses in various races. To succeed in this strategy, at least two of the four horses you choose must win or get placed in the race. Of course, this depends on whether you choose a win or an each-way Yankee.

A Yankee bet has a total of 11 bets of equal value. These are six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold. 

This strategy appeals to bettors very much because of its generous payout. Thus, you might want to dig deeper into this horse race betting strategy and determine whether it is the perfect strategy for you. 

The Exacta Strategy 

If you are looking for a more familiar and straightforward betting strategy, you might want to consider the exacta strategy. For those unfamiliar with exacta bet, it is a type of bet where you place a wager on two horses that you think will  finish the race as the first and second placers. 

For instance, if you bet on horse number 5 to finish first and horse number 7 to finish second, you are making the standard exacta bet. To win, the horses you choose should finish the race in that place. 

However, you also have other options where the strategy comes in. You can also opt to bet on box exacta, which is a reverse of the standard exacta. It is why it’s also referred to as the reverse exacta. 

Your chosen horse can finish the race in any order to win on a box exacta. For instance, horse 7 can win first place, and horse 5 can be second. 

Pick a Strategy That Helps You Profit

The given horse race betting strategies mentioned above prove that there are many ways to profit from horse race betting. It doesn’t necessarily require you to pick and bet on one horse that will win the race. You have other options. Therefore, start picking the best strategy that you think best fits your style.