THIS Rider Profile: Dominique Mungin

Photo © Shawn McMillen.


Dominique Mungin unintentionally reignited her love for the equitation as an adult amateur when bringing along a young horse—and she’s glad she did so. In 2021, she rode to the reserve championship in the THIS NHS Adult Equitation Championship and has continued to foster her love for the equitation this year. 

Mungin’s mother, Patricia Peckham, is a professional who co-owns Arcadia Farm with her business partner, Molly Flaherty, in Yorktown Heights, NY. As a junior rider, Mungin especially enjoyed competing in equitation classes. After graduating college, she took more than 10 years off from competing while living on the west coast. Four years ago, Mungin moved back to New York and began riding again. 

Photo © Cealy Tetley.

“I purchased my amateur hunter, Reunion, as a 4-year-old. In his training, we did the 3’ equitation medals to get him ready for the handy rounds and to challenge him with something  different,” says Mungin. “It really reignited my love for the equitation.”

With the THIS Adult Medal, Mungin loves the two-round format, with a flat phase that provides a foundational focus on position and technicality. 

“I love the precision required to meet the challenges of an equitation course,” she says. “I love the versatility of the tests asked of you, whether it’s within the pattern itself or in the flat phases that are presented.”

Photo © Bowery Fiocchi.

Mungin’s riding goals for the future are to continue to enjoy her career as an adult amateur and to continue to bring along and develop young horses in both the equitation and hunters. She is looking forward to the 2022 THIS NHS Adult Equitation Championship, as well as other adult equitation medal finals coming up in the fall. 

“I have found that the atmosphere around the adult equitation is so congenial,” says Mungin. “It’s a really nice community that’s built up at the amateur level—not just in the equitation but also the hunters, where we can support and root for each other—and I really enjoy being a part of it.”

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