The Plaid Horse Questionnaire with: Bob Crandall— Rider, Trainer & USEF “R” Judge

Photo Courtesy Bob Crandall

As a horseman, I am most proud of: the many horses I was able to find, start, and bring along. Sadly, I wasn’t able to keep many of them. 

As a horseman, I would most like to improve on…so many things! 

I’d be lost without: Saddle-Tite…in my tack trunk.

Bob Crandall

My favorite non-horse book is: The Alienist.

I’m a sucker for a: plain bay or brown horse with very little white. 

On Mondays, you’ll find me: in the doctor’s office, or the dentist’s, or the dermatologist’s, or possibly on a boat having a nice lunch or dinner with friends. 

Something I say ten times a day is ”beyond.” I say the word beyond every time I try to emphasize something. 

One of the best horse names I’ve ever heard is Mink and Pearls. 

One of my greatest show ring victories was a win on a horse I loved called Reese at Washington International Horse Show. The ringmaster was Paul Copanas who had been a ringmaster when I was a kid in New York and it made it very special. He was as happy as I was—it was a great moment. 

The part of riding I’m best at is: taking whatever time it takes to find a way through and end up with a good one.

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