The 8 Best Dog Breeds for Horse Farms

Most horse owners are animal lovers. Hence, they will have an affinity toward other animals as well. While keeping a dog on a horse farm benefits both the horses and the owner, you also get to enjoy the special bond between the dog and the horses. The dog can be used to kill rodents or critters, guard the farm or give the horse and the owner company during rides.

Not all dogs are suitable to be kept on a farm, though. Certain breeds are highly compatible and preferable by horse farm owners, whereas a few others must be avoided altogether. You can know more about the personality of different dog breeds from

Here, we have listed a few dog breeds you can consider for your horse stable.

1. Welsh Corgi:

You may wonder how a small dog has made it to this list when we discuss surviving on a horse farm. Welsh Corgi is considered one of the best dog breeds that a horse owner can own. They are bred to work with livestock, making them ideal to live in a horse stable. They may be small but are not intimidated by larger animals. They are incredibly agile, which makes their life at the stable easy.

Unfortunately, they have a few common health issue traits that can affect their mobility later in life, such as hip dysplasia.

2. Australian Cattle Dog:

You can easily confuse them with Australian Shepherds. This dog breed is known to be an excellent companion for horses. They are incredibly active, hence need a lot of daily exercises. Their appearance is short and stout, as they are smaller than many other breeds. The pros are that they bark really less, hence the ideal choice for the stables where there are horses that can get easily frightened.

The most common ailments they may suffer from are hip dysplasia, arthritis, and deafness. However, the breed was developed to survive harsh conditions, and their health problems are rare if they receive proper care and enough exercise.

3. Australian Shepherd:

This high-energy dog breed is well situated for horse fields. They should be adopted only when you can offer them plenty of exercise, as they are high-energy dogs. They are intelligent, highly energetic, and possess excellent endurance. They need a lot of activity and cannot just be sitting in the stable. They become perfect riding companions, as they are fast and energetic.

4. Border Collie:

This breed is obedient and intelligent. They are known for their ability to work with focus and showcase intense loyalty towards their downer. They also possess a strong desire to please the owner, hence easily trainable. They are considered among the most intelligent dogs in the world. Their high energy makes up for their small size. They are capable of protecting a property without showcasing aggressive traits. They also are excellent guard dogs.

They need a lot of physical and mental stimulation or can become restless. Fortunately, when they live on a farm, they are challenged enough to burn all their energy,

They can assist the horses by taking them on walks and keeping a hold of them when needed. Their intense sense of duty is why they are ideal to be kept on the farm.

5. Jack Russell Terrier:

These are small sizes dogs, but they are known for their boldness and energy. This dog breed is highly intelligent and lives a long, happy life. They are not just great companions of the horse, but also the rider. Though energetic, because of their small size, they need less exercise than larger dog breeds. However, they are not lethargic but agile.

They are easy to train. Hence, people love to get this breed. Their desire to please you is strong, which means they are obedient. They are always ready to hunt. Therefore, you need not worry about rodents and vermin on the farm.

They may be smart, but you need to train them and show some authority so they do not outsmart you with their intelligence.

6. Golden Retriever:

Goldies are known to be one of the favorite dog breeds in the world because of their kind and gentle demeanor. They are medium-sized, not too small to notice on a farm full of large horses. They have a lot of energy as they are large breeds, which is a pro when they lead a life on the farm. Their high energy makes them excellent riding companions. In fact, they were bred to retrieve hunters’ play. Hence, they were bred to run along with the riders.

They are prone to specific health issues later in life, like hip dysplasia and other genetic problems.

7. German Shepherd:

Equestrians rarely prefer this breed just because they tend to possess aggressive traits, as they are guard dogs. However, when properly trained, German Shepherds are capable of protecting the owner and the animals on the farm. This breed responds to positive reinforcement and is highly intelligent. If they are used to staying on the farm, they can become a great addition to it.

8. Great Pyrenees:

Great Pyrenees makes an excellent guard dog. This breed is energetic and needs a significant amount of exercise. They can sometimes become territorial but are pretty gentle with people and other animals they are acquainted with. The downside is that they’re not easily trainable, so the owner needs a lot of patience. However, once you successfully train the dog, it is an excellent addition to the stable.

As they are guard dogs, they tend to bark a lot; hence, if this might disturb your horse, you need to look for a different breed.

The Bottom Line:

You should choose a dog breed that is compatible with your riding lifestyle. The dog should get along with your horses. This cannot happen overnight, and you need to slowly socialize the dog with the horses in a supervised environment until it can get along with them. You can only enjoy taking your horse and dog for a trail ride.

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