Horse Racing is Growing in Volume of Bets Placed Online

Obviously every country is different and some countries have a greater tradition or culture of horse betting while others concentrate most of their sports betting volume on the more popular sports, such as football or basketball.

However, worldwide, horse betting is growing and this is largely thanks to the inclusion of horse betting on new online betting sites.

Every month new sports betting sites are coming onto the market, using different licenses, but the most common being those of Malta and CuraƧao. For example, on this website you can see different betting sites that offer horse racing in their available betting offer. 

Although many punters have never bet on horses before, the pandemic has meant that although horse racing has resumed, capacity at racecourses has been severely limited. This has had the logical effect that many punters and horse racing fans have had to bet on horse racing from online platforms while watching the race from home. Therefore, once they have discovered the convenience of betting at home while enjoying the race, they are now likely to do so more often by going to the racecourse less regularly to watch the race live.

Obviously, this detracts from the excitement and deprives you of the thrill and enjoyment of watching the race just a few yards away from you. But in some cases, when horse lovers are unable for whatever reason to attend the race in person, they now know that they have the opportunity to follow the race via streaming while betting online.

Added to this is the fact that many gambling sites that traditionally offered only casino games are now adding sports betting, including horse betting, to their gaming offerings. This means that horse enthusiasts are now able to bet at prestigious sites such as casinos that now offer horse betting.

Such is the success and growing interest in horse betting in some countries that in recent years we have even seen it catch the NFT fever, with an online game where you can buy your own virtual horse, breed it and use it to run in horse races while placing bets on the race.

Although in other countries, it must be said, horse racing is still in free fall, far from the good trend it has been following in global terms in recent years. The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way of life of many people and the habits we used to have, so horse racing may still have some time left to increase its betting volume through online bookmakers that allow betting on live races.

With sports betting increasingly seen as a wholesome leisure option for adults, horse betting is likely to continue to grow in the coming years and even exceed the current rate of growth.