Tips to Easily Create a Horse Sales Video

Effective Guide to Creating a Horse Sales Video

The motive of the horse sales video is to advertise to the buyer the talent of the horse, training, and confirmation. Proper promotion will help potential buyers to get the befitting horse for them. The editing, exceptional photos, and videos will help you highlight the horse’s abilities.

Your horse should be well-maintained and dainty. It should be forged in discipline and groomed exceptionally. The coat should be silky and glossy. Cleaning and washing the coat for a horse show will be perfect. Hire a rider and prepare yourself for the fun schooling of your house. 

The art of selling videos to a large audience is necessary. Your sales video is a mirror to selling your horses. The hard work and attention vested in it help you connect to important buyers. 

Required Tips

Your first step in effectively selling your horse is to entice the audience. It’s less of a show-off and more of descriptive details. The buyers should have acquired knowledge regarding the description of a horse and should not treat it as a horse that should be normally acquired.

The intricate details should be acknowledged before being sold. This is an initial step of lead generation. Your lead generation creates interest among subsequent potential buyers. The initial sales video is important as it is a consequent step of effective lead generation. 

Attractive Title

Eventually, selling is a business. You have to invest yourself clearly to stand out from the potential sellers. Your sales video needs an eye-attractive title to target real customers.  

Following the Key Information

Make sure you do not miss out on any key information when it comes to the description of the horse. A buyer might not show interest in the purchase if your sale lacks quality. You might lose out on necessary seller prospects if the key information is inaccurate. 

Necessary Description

Your horse needs a necessary description when it comes to being sold. A piece of expanded information and accurate details can attract the right customers within less time.

Regular Camera Fixation

If there is unnecessary camera fixation, you can use a tripod stand. Purchase it for effective usage. Using a tripod, you can keep the camera steady and stable so the viewer can see your horse. If you do not have a tripod, consider resting the camera on a fence post.

Hiring a professional videographer skilled in digital SLR and point-and-shoot cameras is necessary. A point-and-shoot camera doesn’t have the acquired focal length to shoot professional videos but works effectively on conformation shots. 

Grooming of the Horse

Your horse should be groomed. It should perfectly be zoomed in and out for professional quality video. You should call attention to showing off the good parts with honesty. 

Regular Recording Videos

Your mind should be fixated in regard to recording videos. Necessary plans need to be made for smooth showcasing of actual videos. The pattern or course of the rider or a videographer should be planned accordingly.

Effectively position your camera and practice taking session shots to check the comfortability of the rider.

Focussing on Two Types of Photos

There are two types of photos you will need for your sale horse. In the first shot, a horse is posed sideways with just a bridle or halter on, the conformation shot. To avoid distorting the horse’s conformation, the photographer should stand perpendicular to the horse’s shoulder. Fill the frame with the horse.

Consider your horse’s breed when choosing a stance. Many animals look better when they stand square, with one hind foot ahead of the other. However, some breeds look better with their hind legs spread out. 

Movement of the Horse

The horse’s movement is necessary as the buyer is more interested in looking deep into the trotting or cantering of the car. 

Proper Lighting

Lightning is necessary when it comes to shooting close-up shots of the horse. It is advised not to shoot the video under the sun. The golden hour or the early morning is the best time for shooting photos. The horse should not stand under a tree or a building as it gives more room for shadows. 

Proper Shoulder Level

The shoulder should be at the same level as the horse for shooting baroque details of the horse. Miniature level horses need to be at ground level, whereas you might need help when you snap for tall horses.


Your background is the core center of your sales video. You need to choose a uniform background, for example, a field, bushes, or a uniform building for your horse. 


Your angle in a photo can muzzle its look. The shot should be taken in a centered and perpendicular zone, keeping a regular distance. Choose a photo of your horse with its eyes open and its mouth closed.

Seeing a photo with its tongue hanging out may be humorous, but it isn’t appropriate for a sale photo. Choose a horse on its front leg in the canter for action shots with a comfortable, balanced stride.

Stay at Ground Level  

Stay at ground level if you wish to portray your horse accurately in a video. Shooting from high above in bleachers makes it more difficult to observe knee action, leg yields, and horse’s lope.  

Better Resolution

Flaunting a rider can take your video to a better resolution. A rider is a keen part of the video. An experienced rider will parade your horse better. You can hire a rider if you feel you are not the perfect choice or an experienced one.

The true potential of a rider will help the cameraman to reach the climax of the shot. Hiring a horse to help the shot 

Video Editing

Video editing allows you to add music or extraordinary text to the sales video for better quality. Filming requires proper video editing; shooting sequential shots in a pattern provides texture and tone patterns. 

Crisp Videos

Short compelling videos help you to stick to your sales. Long-duration sales video distracts the buyer and captures boredom.


Proper sales videos with proper ability and skill will help you to garner attention. All you need is a stronger conviction and the right amount of effort to proficiently sell off your horse. If you can come across the perfect buyer and follow the necessary tips in accordance with the needed requirements, your work gets unchallenging.   

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