Interesting Facts about Gambling in New Zealand

People in New Zealand by nature love entertainment and online gambling is popular in the country.
However, the interesting part here is virtual betting in the country is quite unique compared to other
countries which allow and accept virtual wagering.
An online casino is a gaming site where gambling enthusiasts can download the application to start
wagering. Just like in land-based casinos, they can win real cash and the advantage here is that online
casinos have a higher Return to Player (RTP) scheme, numerous bonuses, and promos. The challenge
here is finding the right casino site. Thankfully, marketing affiliates like introduce
online casinos which are proven legit and one of the best in the virtual betting industry.

What Makes Betting in New Zealand fascinating?
Here are the following interesting facts about online gambling in the country.
· Online Gambling is banned in the country
It is clearly stated in Gambling Act 2003 that all sports betting and online lotteries are allowed in the land
and the majority are prohibited including online casinos. However, since it is not illegal to wager from
offshore casino sites therefore players from the country can still enjoy online betting and the operator
agrees to have an account open for the players from New Zealand.
· Online casino advertising is banned in New Zealand
This is another fact. Advertising from offshore about any casino site is prohibited in New Zealand. The
country is doing this because they are protecting the youth from getting involved in gambling at a young

New Zealanders and Pokies
People from New Zealand call slot machines pokies. Pokies have a long story in New Zealand as they
were first introduced in the country as poker machines a long time ago which is why they were still called
“pokies” up to the present.
The introduction of the slot machines was successful thus on July 1, 2009, Player Information Display
was installed on all slot machines to inform gamblers how much they lost, their stakes, and how long they
have been playing. Slot machines were then later installed in Skycity Auckland
So what made pokies at this time still acceptable to online casino players from New Zealand?

  • Diverse Themes
    Many players are overwhelmed by what the modern online slot machines introduce from real-life figures
    to superhero themes like the ones found in marvel comics.
  • The Best Benefits
    Online casino slot machines give the best promos and bonuses which makes them more enticing.

Horse Racing
The first form of gambling in New Zealand is Horse racing which dated back to the 1800s where first race
track was held in the Bay of Islands in 1835 and until now is still popular thus becoming an important part
of their culture hence they even held poker festivals like the WPT New Zealand and the New Zealand

The lottery which was then called “Pakapoo” was introduced by the Chinese settlers and then its
popularity skyrocketed which prompted the creation of the Golden Kiwi in the 1960s thus becoming more
successful and in high demand despite the opposition of some religious groups. The Lottery funds were
fairly distributed. Later the public lost their interest and in1989 the glory of the Golden Kiwi ended.

Tax-Free winnings
The best part here is all winnings will be given to the winner and the government doesn’t have to know
about or notify it. This is applicable if the bettor is wagering for pleasure and not a professional gambler.

Gambling profit to be given back to the community
That’s a fact. All gambling operators are obliged to give part of their net gains to the government and in
turn, the government will use them to fund community projects such as Arts, Science, and Education.

Final Insight
The government of New Zealand is quite stern in terms of gambling. However, due to the people’s
carefree nature and passion for entertainment, the government loosened up a bit but still maintained
vigilance and some prohibitions are proclaimed for their local players to follow to avoid further issues
about wagering in the future.