The New Guard: Huntridge LLC Earns Tricolors All Year Long    

Halie Robinson and Baas

By Tyler Bui

If you asked Halie Robinson years ago what her dream barn might look like, she would have described the barn she has now. 

“I have always had a very specific vision for what I’ve wanted the barn to be and what I wanted the horses to be,” Robinson tells The Plaid Horse. “I feel really fortunate now that with the right group of people and the right owners and clients it’s really coming to fruition.”

Huntridge LLC, led by Halie Robinson, has quickly developed into a flourishing business, producing some of the top hunter and derby mounts on the West Coast. Huntridge LLC is home to a fleet of top hunter mounts and a range of junior and adult riders who compete on the West Coast and travel east for the indoors and finals season. Additionally, Robinson currently sits fourth in the WCHR National Rider Standings as a Developing Professional. 

“We all share the same goals, both for the riders and for the horses’ development. We are very fortunate—everyone really enjoys participating in the upbringing of talented young horses,” says Robinson. “With the connections and people we have, we’re able to let these horses shine in those really important moments.”

Halfway through the 2022 show year, Huntridge has competed in most of the A circuit shows on the West Coast, including the Desert Circuit, Blenheim, Temecula, and Menlo. As the WCHR shows come to an end, the farm is looking forward to Indoors in the fall, specifically Capital Challenge. 

“It’s essential to have a lot of attention to detail in addition to a lot of horsemanship skills in the hunters,” says Robinson. “What works for one horse will not work for another horse, so you really need to listen to them.”

Read on to learn more about some of Huntridge LLC’s horses.



Kingston is a 16 h, 2015 Dutch Warmblood Bay Gelding owned by Stonefield Sport Horses LLC. Despite being relatively new to the show circuit, he has already proved himself in his first year of showing.

“Kingston is a horse that has really amazed me with how far he’s come. He was five when we got him, but he was so natural and brave,” says Robinson. “He just turned seven and he has just about a year of showing experience, but it seems like he’s had so much more experience than that. He has been champion in every single division he has competed in this year. He goes in the ring, and he doesn’t want to lose.” 

While Kingston and Rocketman have their own individual personalities, Robinson says they have a few special traits in common. 

“Their minds are what really makes them stand out,” she says. “They’re the calmest, bravest horses you will ever meet and nothing fazes them. For them, they will really thrive in situations like Capital Challenge and Derby Finals at night under the lights. Those are my two big goals for both of them, because the more you throw at them, the better they get.”

Kingston’s Horse Show Highlights:

  • $5,000 USHJA Open National Hunter Derby – Blenheim June Classic II – Top 10 
  • $5,000 USHJA 3’/3’3” Green Hunter Incentive – Blenheim June Classic II – Reserve Champion 
  • US Equestrian Young Hunter 7 & Under National Points – Top 10 
  • USHJA Zone 10 Young Hunter 7 & Under – Top 2
Little Prince


Little Prince is a 15.3 h, 2014 Swedish Warmblood Gray Gelding owned by Hero Bean Stevenson (whom The Plaid Horse recently featured on our cover), purchased within the past year. 

“Prince just has the most precious personality. He’s a doll, and he lives to make everyone happy,” says Robinson. “I don’t think he’s put a single foot wrong since we’ve purchased him, he’s a barn favorite. He is still experiencing a lot of things for the first time, yet he always amazes us by how willing he is. Prince is the perfect match for Hero and their partnership has developed so nicely in the short time they’ve worked together.”

Little Prince’s Horse Show Highlights:

  • $5,000 USHJA 3’/3’3” Green Hunter Incentive – Blenheim June Classic II – 6th 
  • $5,000 USHJA Open National Hunter Derby – Blenheim June Classic II – Top 10


Baas is a 16.1 h, 2006 KWPN Bay Gelding owned by Talia Jones Roston. As a young horse, Baas competed as a high-level eventer in Europe, and now performs as a top Adult Hunter and in the derbies.

“Baas is 16 years old, which surprises a lot of people. We have had him since March of 2020—he did his very first show with us in August, and now he’s an International Derby horse,” says Robinson. “He goes from the 3’ Adult Amateur Hunters with Talia straight to the International Derbies, which speaks to how incredible he is.” 

Baas’s Horse Show Highlights:

  • $15,000 USHJA Professional National Hunter Derby – Blenheim Spring Classic III – 2nd 
  • $50,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby – Desert Circuit IV – Top 10 
  • $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby – Blenheim June Classic II – Top 12  
  • $25,000 West Coast WCHR Hunter Classic – BlenheimJune Classic I – Top 10 


Rocketman, or “Pluto,” is a 2014 KWPN Bay Gelding owned by Rosender LLC. As fate would have it, Robinson knew the gelding as a young horse, years before she knew he would end up in her program. Today, he is shown by both Robinson and Hadley Boyd, daughter of Patricia Boyd, Pluto’s owner. Boyd and Rocketman compete in the Amateur Owner Hunters, and have collected multiple wins and championships together.

“I rode Rocketman as a 4-year-old in Europe for a sales video. I rode so many horses that day, I didn’t really remember names but he stood out to me and I was shocked that he was only four years old because he was so rideable,” says Robinson. 

After not hearing anything about Rocketman for a handful of years, Robinson found herself flying across the country during a horse show to try a horse for a client. 

“I jumped six jumps on him and knew he was great. Three months later, I realized that I had ridden him years before, and it finally made sense why I had felt like I knew him,” she says.

Not only does Robinson have a special relationship with Pluto, she also considers the Boyds a part of her family. Robinson and Hadley Boyd attended school together from kindergarten through high school, and their moms are best friends after meeting in the kindergarten pickup line 20 years ago. 

“Getting to do all of this and have so much success with Rocketman means so much more because they’re essentially my own family—it’s such a special experience for everyone. Pluto is the kindest, most loving horse and for him to have such a wonderful family makes me so happy.”

Rocketman’s Horse Show Highlights:

  • $5,000 USHJA 3’6”/3’9” Green Hunter Incentive SW Regional Championships – Winner – Score 94 
  • $10,000 USHJA Pro National Hunter Derby – Blenheim Summer Festival – Top 10 
  • $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby – Blenheim June Classic II – Top 10 
  • $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby – Temecula Valley National II – Top 10 – Score 98
  • $15,000 USHJA Professional National Hunter Derby – Blenheim Spring Classic III – 4th 
  • WCHR High Score Performance Hunter Award – Blenheim June Classic I  
  • Overall High Score Award – Blenheim June Classic I 

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