Purina® SuperSport® Amino Acid Supplement: Designed for Top Equine Athletes


Purina® SuperSport® Amino Acid Horse Supplement was specially designed for top equine athletes. Its proprietary blend of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals supports muscle performance, especially after exercise. Support your horses’ overall fitness and performance with this proven supplement.

In published scientific research, feeding Purina® SuperSport® Amino Acid Supplement resulted in significant optimization of some of the key measures that are critically important to top equine athletes. In a controlled study performed in 2011, horses fed the Purina® SuperSport® Amino Acid Supplement showed statistically significant differences in muscle development, exercise recovery and overall athletic fitness and performance when compared to horses that did not receive the supplement and were fed a similar level of protein from alfalfa pellets.

Creatine kinase, a key indicator of muscle strain or damage, returned to pre-exercise levels 24 hours after exercise in horses receiving SuperSport® Supplement. Levels remained significantly elevated in alfalfa-supplemented horses at 24 hours after exercise.

During graded exercise testing, horses supplemented with SuperSport® Supplement showed a significant difference in top speed and time to fatigue compared to alfalfa-supplemented horses. SuperSport® Supplement also optimized their oxygen-utilizing capacity (VO2 max) and anaerobic threshold (VLa4) during the graded exercise test, while alfalfa-supplemented horses did not.

Horses receiving SuperSport® Supplement had greater forearm muscle circumference and less body fat than alfalfa-supplemented horses. A subjective muscle mass scoring system also showed positive differences in the overall muscling of horses fed SuperSport® Supplement.

Features & Benefits

  • Added Antioxidants
    • Including Vitamin E to help address the negative effects of free radicals
  • Grain Free
    • Suitable for horses requiring a soluble carbohydrate restricted diet
  • High Quality Protein
    • Includes whey protein for optimal bioavailability and digestibility
  • Muscle Mass
    • Supports muscle development for a more athletic body type
  • Optimized Amino Acid Profile
    • Includes essential amino acids Lysine, Threonine and Methionine and branched chain amino acids to support muscle development, protection and repair
  • Palatable Pelleted Form
    • Helps encourage consistent intake
  • Performance
    • Increased exercise capacity for higher performance over a longer period of time
  • Recovery
    • More rapid recovery of muscle cell integrity after exercise to help horses bounce back faster
  • Vitamin & Mineral Fortification
    • Nutritionally balanced formula to complement the horse’s total ration

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