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The sport of kings – the unofficial name of horse racing and now leads to the excitement of lovers of earnings. The history of the development of this sport goes back to the old days, becoming surrounded by legends and unusual stories. The sense of competition and the thirst to win have survived to this day. So how did horse racing develop and why do they still occupy their niche in today’s gambling world?

Passion for winning

The first horse races can be traced back to the Greek Olympic Games, held in 648 B.C. Wealthy merchants from all over the world bought specially raised stallions to sell them to noble military leaders. The reliable horse was not only the reason for the nobility’s envy but also the guarantee of victory on the battlefield.

The training was assigned exclusively to men, and women were not allowed to race or care for horses. That set the sport apart as a faithful men’s activity and established itself for a millennium. The dawn of the Roman Empire marked the era of equestrianism. And in the 1750s, there were marks of the creation of the first jockey club in Europe.

Horse racing continued to evolve and attracted an increasing number of fans. The rules were getting tougher and began to take shape, familiar to us today. The best riders improved their riding style, and horse breeders searched for the most eager and hardy stallions to breed the best. Undoubtedly, Australian racers were loved and noted for their good physical attributes.

Development of horse racing

Of the main types of horse races, the most popular can be distinguished:

  • Flat, in which two horses move along dedicated tracks from start to finish.
  • Jumping – spire races gained the most popularity in Ireland and England.
  • Harness racing – harnessed horses pulling a two-wheeled cart with a rider.
  • Endurance race – is a route of 60 or 140 km, which riders must overcome.
  • A severe test for both horses and riders.

In the early XX century, the race beginning was measured by something similar to a tape, in front of which the horses were lined up before whistle. Today, however, the animals wait outside the race track gates before the race, which opens with the start.

The riding style also changed, as, at first, you wouldn’t distinguish between a combat rider, a hunter, or a jockey. Using techniques to control the horses made it possible to use the reins as effectively as possible for the particular situation, allowing for exact commands to be given. Each style had its unique outfit, revealing the animal’s full potential depending on the situation. And a slightly hunched position of the rider became the visiting card of horse races.

Basic rules of betting on horse races

Rate typeDescription
Pari-MutuelThe percentages change until the horses come out of the gate
Victory or defeatDetermine which horse will cross the finish line first or – definitely will not win
Betting on the prizeGuess the horse that made it to the top three winners of the race
Who’s better?A duel between two horses. The winner must guess which horse comes first
ForecastYou need to name the first two horses in the first two positions at the finish line
FinalName the stallion that will accurately cross the finish line without stopping

It is possible to enjoy gambling entertainment not only at the racetrack. To win money, you only need to find a site that combines slots with the possibility of betting on sports. Undoubtedly there will be a section on horse racing, as one of the most popular. As a tip, check out, a proven site with lots of entertainment for the money.

Modern horse racing. Possibilities of the online casino in sports betting

Money on the betting was betting from the moment of the first race. It could always be a barter; sometimes, even the horse would be staked. Any material good or service was quickly used as a price to win or lose between these beautiful animals. The only thing is that the proper care of horses must be monitored closely by authorized bodies to conduct horse racing legally.

Using betting to make money is a simple and practical method. With the development of horse racing, bookmakers have relentlessly allowed players to fill their pockets without being left out in the cold themselves. The emergence of virtual gambling entertainment could not do without such a warmly accepted sport in gambling circles.

The natural beauty of licensed betting sites for money in the first place is that you insure yourself against cheaters. If you were supposed to be rewarded for winning at the races, sometimes the wise bookmakers were not to be found immediately after the whistle. After that, there was no one to turn to for a refund. In online casinos, everything is much easier, you are shielded from manipulation, and only luck separates you from winning.

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