THIS Monthly Standings — September

THIS National Children’s Medal 2022 Standings

1. Eva Mackenzie2652.00Darien, CT
2. Rylie True2252.00Bedminster, NJ
3. Hayley Hewitt 1765.50New Canaan, CT
4. Camilla Jerng1655.00Woodside, CA
5. Emma Arnhols1480.50Coral Gables, FL
6. Natalie Groulx1406.00Bloomfield Hills, MI
7. Lily Epstein1396.00Coral Gables, FL
8. Mary Caroline Nolan1336.00Marietta, GA
9. Faith Schuttemeyer1310.00Boynton Beach, FL
10. Anna Kotler1305.00Samammish, WA
11. Lydia Rae Howard1244.00Temperance, MI
12. Violet Tatum1244.00Pacific Palisades, CA
13. Mina Godden1224.00St Petersburg, FL
14. Kingsley Dey1185.00Meredith, NH
15. Rebecca Love1174.00Atlanta, GA
16. Erin Morera1092.00Greenwich, CT
17. Olivia Pittenger1087.50Austin, TX
18. Jordyn Scelsa1060.00Islip, NY
19. Reagan Williams966.00Brookhaven. GA
20. Emma Brody983.50New York, NY

THIS NHS Adult Medal 2022 Standings

1. Catherine Kramer78IN
2. Kennedi Kunkle54PA
3. Gabriella Goshtigian51CA
4. Dominique Mungin47NY
5. Shannon Davidson46TX
6. Aly Muri44PA
7. Gigi Manigault43SC
8. Laura Van Rooyen41NJ
9. Anna Koenig40FL
10. Macie Sousa40FL
11. Molly Calhoun36CT
12. Isabel Cassar36MI
13. Ayanna Kimbro36CA
14. Madeline Brock33CT
15. Sara Ladley33PA
16. Hannah Hoch32WI
17. Deidre Agnew30PA
18. Eva Bernstein30NH
19. Hannah Young30NJ
20. Junith Fiorini28NJ
21. Owen Gajoch28OH

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