Depermentier and Sebastian Rise to WCHR Developing Pro Challenge Win

Jared Depermentier and Sebastian. Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography

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Redemption for Jared Depermentier came in the form of the champion ribbon and leading the victory gallop in the $10,000 WCHR Developing Professional Challenge, presented by John R. Ingram Fund. After a second-place finish in 2021, Depermentier returned with Sebastian, owned by Brad Wolf, to take the win.
Depermentier started out round one with the high score of 89.16, putting on the pressure when he was last to go in round two. The pair stayed consistent, scoring 89 for a total of 178.16 for victory.

“I’ve got to be honest, that has been eating at me all year,” said Depermentier of his reserve finish last year. “I knew exactly what I needed to do last year to win, and I was not going to make that mistake again. We came back with vengeance, and I’m really, really happy it panned out the way it did.”

The 31-year-old rider, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and now based in Nashville, Tennessee, has been working for the Ingram family and Brad Wolf for two years, since he turned professional.

Jared Depermentier was joined in his winning presentation of the $10,000 WCHR Developing Pro Challenge, sponsored by John R. Ingram Fund, by Martha Ingram, Rachel Kennedy, presenting her donated “The Bittersweet Trophy,” and Jennifer Hinman. Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography

“When I turned pro and started riding with Tom [Wright], there was a huge learning curve, and I just tried to soak in as much as I could,” he said. “They’ve been incredibly patient with me. I feel like every day at work is like a lesson, and I don’t know how I got that lucky. It’s fun, and it doesn’t even feel like a job.”

Depermentier started riding Sebastian, a 12-year-old Holsteiner gelding by Cancara, one year ago and felt that their evolving partnership is what led to victory this year.

He acknowledged, “We know each other so much better. He’s super straight forward. He’s a character in the barn, and he’s very spoiled, but he deserves to be. He’s a unicorn.”

The WCHR Developing Pro Challenge was “not really on my radar,” said Depermentier, until Tom Wright and Torrey Hardison pushed him to compete in the class.

“This is the biggest honor, award, class – ever – for me,” he expressed. “It was totally out of my realm, but it means a lot. It means everything.”

For his victory, Depermentier was presented with the Bittersweet Trophy, presented by Rachel B. Kennedy.

Second place in the WCHR Developing Pro Challenge went to Vivian Yowan aboard Belle, owned by Tracy Treace. They scored 88.33 and 88.66 for a total of 176.99. Ashley Foster and Chivalry, owned by Little Brook LLC, received scores of 88.08 and 87.50 for a total of 175.58 and third place.

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