James Crosby Releases New Song “5 Trips Out” 

Photo Courtesy of James Crosby.

The Brooklyn, NY native releases yet another catchy love song titled “5 Trips Out,” painting a picture with his lyrics in which the young rider hopes to find love at the Devon Horse Show.  

With references that every rider will pick up on, Crosby puts a unique spin on the traditional love song as he’s dreaming of not only a girl, but an equestrian in particular. 

He pays homage to his single “Grand Prix Girl” with the lyric: “She’s my Grand Prix Girl, something that’s hard to find, them other shawty’s cool but Dani stay on my mind.” 

Some standout lyrics: 

“I met this girl while I was showing down at Devon, eyes like an angel would have thought she was from heaven.”

“She was five trips out, been going forever, and the show’s about to end so I gotta go get her.”

“Yo my name is James and I ride too, I do the jumpers girl, yeah I fly too.”

“Imma keep it sweet, shawty loves them AA hunters… The kind of horse to tuck them knees up, the ones that make a girl cry when she find out that the lease up.”

“Breeches stay tailored hunter green never rust, Franco Tuccis always polished never seen dust..”

“Clean sweeping the derbies a regularity.” 

“The way I’m rapping I don’t need to be profane, cause my flow and equitation just make them go insane.”

Give this equestrian-themed rap song a listen!