Ella Tarumianz Triumphs as the Grand Pony Hunter Champion

Ella Tarumianz and So Enchanted. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

By Randolph PR

Harrisburg, PA – The stakes were high on Saturday at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show as the nation’s best young riders vied for the title of Grand Pony Hunter Champion. Ultimately, the championship, sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Duffy, landed in the outstretched arms of Ella Tarumianz. The 13-year-old earned the top call in two of the three Small Pony Hunter classes which bumped her to the division championship, and ultimately the overall victory, aboard So Enchanted. 

“To win this award just means so much to me,” gushed Tarumianz. “I’ve been working toward it for forever; it’s just been one of my dreams, and it feels so surreal to have it come true.”

When all was said and done, Tarumianz was presented with the Francis E. Armstrong Memorial Challenge Trophy, donated by the Bedard Family, for the overall victory, and the Knick Knack Challenge Trophy, given to the Small Pony Hunter Champion and donated by Christina and Craig Cook and the Cook Forage Company.

Ella Tarumianz and So Enchanted stand for the Grand Pony Hunter Champion presentation. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

“This weekend went pretty smoothly,” said Tarumianz. “I did get a little nervous toward the end of my division, because I really wanted to pull this off, but my pony is the best ever. She really took care of me this week.” 

Tarumianz saddled up the Welsh Pony Cross mare, So Enchanted, for the first time at this very same event in 2021, and despite their recent success, the match took her by surprise. 

“The first time I tried her was last year at this exact show, and she actually wasn’t my favorite pony then,” explained Tarumianz. “I didn’t know we were going to be such a good match, but we turned out to be. She’s just been the best pony ever.” 

A key part of So Enchanted’s success, groom Diego Comario was awarded the Grand Pony Hunter Champion Groom’s Award. 

In addition to the Grand Pony Hunter Championship award, champion honors and other awards were also presented throughout the day to a variety of young riders, including the following:

Pony Hunter Awards

Ella Tarumianz and So Enchanted won the Small Pony Hunter Championship, for which they were presented with the Knick Knack Challenge Trophy, donated by Christina & Craig Cook and Cook Forage Company. 

JJ Torano and Paris Charm won the Medium Pony Hunter Championship, for which their name will be added to the Swamp Girl Challenge Trophy, donated by Brooks and Streett Moore. 

Vivian Golden and Brixton won the Large Pony Hunter Championship, sponsored by Judith Patton, for which they were presented with the For The Laughter Perpetual Cup, donated by Dr. Betsee Parker. 

With a score of 89, Vivian Golden and Brixton won the EMO Agency Pony Hunter High-Five Award, sponsored by the EMO Agency. 

Emerson Euler won the Pennsylvania National Horse Show Pony Rider Sportsmanship Award, sponsored by the Lignelli Family. 

Vivian Golden won the Best Junior Rider on a Pony, sponsored by the Kosloske Family, for which she was presented with the Sunnyside Up Challenge Trophy, donated by Winn Reid. 

Groom’s Awards

Diego Comario won the Small Pony Hunter Champion Groom’s Award.

Pablo Hernandez won the Medium Pony Hunter Champion Groom’s Award. 

Memo Chola won the Large Pony Hunter Champion Groom’s Award. 

Hollow Brook Wealth Management Junior Sportsmanship Award

Rounding out the day prior to the final leg of the Neue Schule / USEF Junior Jumper National Championships, Katie Triantos won the Junior Sportsmanship Award, sponsored by Hollow Brook Wealth Management. The 2nd-annual Hollow Brook Junior Sportsmanship Award recognized a junior rider who best personifies the highest standards of integrity, sportsmanship, honor, kindness and generosity during the 2022 Pennsylvania National Horse Show. Over 75 nominations were submitted from friends, family, trainers and teammates, all nominating the riders who showed these qualities. The five top nominated competitors were presented to the stewards for final decision.

The stewards selected Triantos rider based off of the testament that she is always willing to ride whatever is needed and work as hard as necessary. Triantos is currently enrolled and competing for Texas A&M; therefore, this is her final indoors as a junior, but she can be found at the show throughout the entire day supporting and cheering on her teammates and friends. 

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