CBD Products for Jockeys: What To Look For


After many states have legalized the use of marijuana or medical marijuana, the popularity of CBD products is skyrocketing because of the benefits. You can easily obtain the products online at Canna Cabana on this link, for example, or at local dispensaries in different forms like gummies, terpenes, oils, biscuits, creams, etc. 

CBD oil is a naturally effective alternative treatment for many medical conditions, such as pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and seizures. The benefits have reached the eyes of athletes who use it as a natural remedy to recover from injury and stress. Athletes’ ban on using CBD products was lifted to encourage the natural healing process. 

The ban also involves jockeys. These sports tend to use the product the most as their horses get the full benefits compared to athletes. Here are some hints for choosing the right CBD product for jockeys.

1. CBD Products Should Be Third-Party Tested

Before you purchase a CBD product for jockeys, ensure the product is third-party tested. Third-party testing is encouraged because it shows that the product claims are correct. An independent third-party lab carries out this test to confirm each product’s purity and potency level. 

Unfortunately, some companies that produce CBD products are not trustworthy. These companies describe their products to make them sellable; meanwhile, they don’t contain what is said about them. As a result, the quality is substandard and may harm jockeys. The third-party lab test is to ensure the product contains what is written on the label and also to avoid products with harmful contaminants that may lead to severe problems.

2. CBD Products Should Be Free of THC

THC is the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis that causes a euphoric feeling. The substance has therapeutic benefits but is considered inappropriate for users, especially athletes or those involved in sporting activities. 

According to the law, the THC level should not be more than 0.3% in products that contain THC. Any product with higher THC levels is not encouraged as these products can impair judgment in users. 

For example, when jockeys are racing horses, products with THC can influence their judgment, leading to accidents on the course. So, ensure you go for products with no THC if you intend to purchase alternative treatment for jockeys. 

3. CBD Products Should Be Sourced From Organic Hemp

Organic hemp is a prized possession and is very rich in CBD. There are organic and synthetic types of CBD products. Synthetic products are chemically grown, harvested, produced, and stored, reducing the products’ mere effect. 

These chemicals are harmful to the body and may lead to other diseases. Unlike synthetics, organic hemp products are organically cultivated, preserving the natural healing benefits of the plant. These products are considered the best and recommended for jockeys since they have no chemicals. So, ensure that the products used on jockeys are organic hemp with no exposure to harmful pesticides or other chemicals.

4. CBD Products Should Be Manufactured in a GMP-Certified Facility

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. It is a facility that enforces strict laws on CBD products. These laws attend to the manufacturing processes of these products, which keep them under quality control protocols. The law enacts these standards to prevent fake products in the market. 

Unfortunately, many people are seizing the opportunity of CBD’s popularity and range of products to produce fake products below company standards. The quality control team ensures these products do not see the break of day, which is why standard CBD companies are given a GMP certificate. You can check the stamp on the product’s package or the company’s web page. So, do not buy products that are not GMP-certified to avoid buying substandard products. Instead, buy GMP-certified products that meet high-quality standards.

5. CBD Products Should Come With a Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee is a way to get a refund if the products are substandard. Many trustworthy companies use this guarantee to attract customers. There are different products on the market, and which can be a challenge to select the right one. 

Some are made from quality organic products, while others may be fake. But with a refund, you can buy a product without fearing losing your money on the wrong one. Money-back guarantees protect you from wasting money if a product does not meet your expectations.

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