Top countries with the most online casino gamblers

Gambling is one of the major forms of entertainment all across the world. Here we are going to explore the list of countries with the highest numbers of online gamblers and various forms of gambling. 

Most countries have been witnessing a surge in the number of gamblers in past years and they are expecting more numbers in future. Now let’s go ahead and check the countries with the highest number of online casino players.

United Kingdom

It is no secret that Britishers have a thing for gambling. Which makes the United Kingdom the second most favourable place for online gambling. As per recent reports, over 39% of the British population has been indulging in online gambling. The British gambling market is well known for its investments and values. 

The government also remains very supportive of the growth of the best online casino industry. As they find it very beneficial for maintaining a sustainable economy because all the casinos are subjected to pay taxes and fees for UKGC licenses. Keep in mind that only online casinos with a UKGC license obtained from Gambling Commission can offer games to players legally.


As some of you already know, Australia is the home of the most number of online gamblers in the world. Over 46% of the Australian population, which is approximately 6.8 million Australians are reportedly engaging in some sort of online gambling. That can be any online casino activity, such as sports betting, casino games, etc.

The most predominant casino games in Australia are slots aka pokies, poker, blackjack, and other popular table games. There are specific reasons behind the popularity of online gambling in Australia. The major one among them is that players can keep all of their winnings to themselves as they are not forced to pay any sort of taxes.

 Also, the Australian government highly promotes the gambling industry, as they believe it is a part of their cultural heritage. Australia witnessed an instant upbringing of the online casino industry in the early stages of its introduction. If you are planning to expand your gambling ventures, migrating to Australia is a considerable option. 


Almost 33% of the total population in Singapore tends to indulge in online gambling. Singapore also has one of the biggest gambling economies in Asia. Unlike the other countries on our list, the Singapore government is not supportive of the growth of the industry. And they have levied an unusual fee structure for entering an online casino. 

Due to legalization hardships, it’s hard to find land-based casinos in Singapore as the availability is limited to certain places. Due to the lack of traditional casinos, Singapore has witnessed a thriving online gambling industry in the country.

Gambling was acceptable and legal in the country till 1923, which resulted in an increase in criminal activity and got banned ever since.


Just like any other North American country, the gambling industry in Canada is full of power, even if it is not regulated. As a result, most brick-and-mortar casinos are located in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec.

 Even without proper regulations, the Canadian government generates approximately $14 billion annually from the industry. Canadians are free to visit online casinos without any limitations which resulted in the surge of online casino gamblers in the country. The only thing is casinos must acquire a license from the government before offering any games to the players.

Gambling and its influence on people

Gambling has a great influence on people and their cultures depending on various factors, As we know already, the majority of people depend on casinos to have fun while earning profits. They tend to indulge in gambling as a hassle-free way to ease their stress while having monetary benefits. 

Most of the countries in the world have some sort of gambling except for Muslim-dominated countries and island nations. 

It’s mainly due to religious restrictions and other numerous reasons. Now let’s jump ahead, and see which countries are home to the most online casino enthusiasts.


As you can already see, gambling is one of the most common forms of entertainment on our planet. But it is risky as much as it is fun, so make sure you are spending your money carefully. 

Also, in order to avoid legal mishaps, make sure you are engaging in any sort of gambling based on its legality. The countries mentioned above have the most number of online gamblers for a reason. Boost your gambling by visiting online casinos hailing from these countries.