MZ Farms, LLC Sponsors Additional $2,500 Andrew Ryback Photography Scholarship

Photo © Andrew Ryback Photography.

The Andrew Ryback Photography and The Plaid Horse Higher Learning Scholarship has awarded more than $15,000 to equestrians pursuing higher education. 

To provide more education opportunities for young riders, MZ Farms, LLC has generously donated a second $2,500 scholarship for 2023. Previously, MZ Farms, LLC established a $100,000 National Finals Travel Grant for the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA).

MZ Farms, LLC was founded by Steve and Cathy Muzzy to help provide quality mounts for riders who participate in local riding academy programs that have IEA team affiliates. Most of the MZ Farms, LLC horses proudly participate in IEA lessons and local IEA shows in addition to their local county and “A” circuit shows. The Muzzy Family recognizes the immense physical and mental benefits associated with horseback riding and horsemanship and they aim to make this wonderful sport more accessible to youth and families who might not otherwise be able to participate. 

The scholarship is open to high school seniors graduating in 2023 and all current college and trade school students. Applicants are asked to submit a three-part essay and provide two letters of recommendation, transcript(s), a letter of acceptance to a college or university, and a photograph. Students awarded the scholarship are strong academic candidates with a clear commitment to the equestrian industry. If you are interested in providing an additional scholarship to be awarded in 2023, please email

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