The Best Horse Racing-Themed Slots in Europe

Slot machines are arguably the most popular gambling games out there. Thousands of people gamble every day precisely using a traditional slot machine. It doesn’t matter whether you do so online or in real life. Considering how popular slot machines are, many variations are available for you, differentiated depending on their bonus features, themes, RTP, and many other peculiarities. It is also not surprising that many slots use popular themes connected to sports betting to increase their popularity. Therefore, today we have prepared a small list of the best horse racing-themed slot machines available for you in Europe. Take a look with us!

Why Horse Racing-Themed Slots are Popular

We should note that horse racing slots are popular because of their connection to sports betting. Sports betting and gambling are inevitably connected and always walk hand-in-hand. Naturally, horse racing fans will reach for slot machines, especially if they’re related to their favorite sport. Therefore, the next time a horse racing fan starts browsing through a paypal casino, they should probably consider that many slot machines are available for them. Besides, here we also have to mention that slot machines are often more profitable than sports betting. At least here, you have many variations of payment options, from PayPal to traditional credit cards. But sports betting aside, let’s see what slots are available for you. 

Lucky Day at the Races

This is the first game that we wanted to discuss. It was one of the most popular ones when it was initially released back in 2013. Don’t let this year scare you because this game is still current. Here you will have five traditional reels with 20 pay lines. This is not your game if you’re looking for a more realistic design. The theme is very cartoonish and may not appeal to ride-or-die fans. That said, the variation of casino bonuses is rather impressive as you are getting a lot of excitement from a single game. You hardly be surprised to see a traditional free spins bonus with an RTP of 94.94%. What a lucky number for such an incredible game. Finally, you will also enjoy the sound design getting inspiration from traditional horse racing and natural sounds. 

Derby Dollars

The next game on our list looks a little bit more realistic. However, we will warn you that the graphics are still somewhat outdated. If you forget about the pictures and enjoy the bonuses, you will be a massive fan of this particular game. First and foremost, you are getting free spins, and you can additionally multiply some of the rounds. The maximum of free spins is 25, making this a rather exciting bonus for everyone with enough patience. We will also say that it is not the highest volatility game on our list. It will be perfect for people who don’t have the most significant budget and prefer to have fun in the process. Nevertheless, the game is still entertaining. 

Champion of the Track

The third game on our list was released almost simultaneously with the first one. If you keep up with the changes in the industry, you have probably noticed that many games now use an increased number of reels and paylines. The number of the aforementioned items usually increases depending on the bonus. This is precisely what you can see in this particular game. The RTP (return to the player) is 96.5%, and you can also get a good jackpot at the end of the day. Is it the most exciting game ever? No, not really. However, it still stands out in the crowd, especially if we consider modern graphics and the game’s overall look.

Bookie Of Odds

Now we can finally get to our last choice. This particular game is considered to have high volatility. It has five reels as well as 10 pay lines. As for the graphics, you are once more getting classic free spins. A player can get from 10 and up to 25 free spins for the particular bonus. There is also an additional bonus game that includes several spinning reels with different costs. It’s very similar to traditional Hold’n’Spin games. Lastly, the RTP is 96.31%, depending on where you are playing.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, if you are a horse racing fan, there are many available slot machines. You can choose depending on your budget, aesthetics, or regularity. We will certainly advise you to go for a higher RTP, as it will maximize your chances. Moreover, we recommend overlooking rather old graphics and considering that even though some of the games may be old, they are still thriving for one primary reason. They all have exciting bonuses and high payouts. Therefore, try them out, and don’t forget to always be responsible when gambling.