How to Stay Relevant On Instagram In 2022

Relevancy is definitely the thing that’s sought after by many creators or businesses on Instagram. Keeping your brand relevant and familiar with lots of users is definitely helpful to maintain or, even better, prolong your business longevity. 

If you want your business to be relevant in the modern world, there’s nothing else to do but to digitize your business through making online shops and having a social media account. A platform preferable for business promotion should have a large user base. And Instagram will give you tons of opportunities through millions of active users.

Since its release many years ago, Instagram has gained more than 1 billion users worldwide. And in 2022, the active users on Instagram are estimated to be more than a million. See the opportunity here?

Many people confuse themselves with ways, methods, and techniques to boost their presence on the platform. And seeing how the competition grows fiercer, some of these methods might not work anymore. The key to getting more free Instagram followers is relevancy. So, let us start making your brand more relevant through these simple steps:

How to Stay Relevant On Instagram In 2022

1. Focus on Video Content

If you create a brand-new Instagram business account, what you need to do is to create video content more than images, and there’s a reason for it. Videos, as all we know, are more entertaining. By looking at the video, the audience can be more engaged in two ways: imagery and sounds. 

You can always use videos to promote your brand and showcase what’s interesting about it. Make sure to implement catchy music and eye-opening visuals. That way, the audience can be more familiar with your products. And without the need of waiting longer, you can also get the first 100 free Instagram followers easily, as long as you always remember the key. If you notice good growth, then be consistent with your strategies. It’s already working out for you, and all you need is just to maintain it.

2. Make Use of Hashtags

On each post, make sure to include the relevant hashtags. Please underline the word “relevant” here. Including hashtags is a great way to optimize your content. But let’s be honest here, most people are over-optimizing it by spamming paragraphs of hashtags, making their content look worse.

What’s even more annoying is that they also include hashtags that have no relevance to the posted content. These hashtags are the ones trending, basically what people search massively during that time.

But even so, spamming hashtags like this isn’t a smart way to keep your brand relevant. As a professional brand, you always want people to see you as valuable and honorable. It’ll have the chance to increase your followers as well, besides using the Instagram followers increase app, like Ins Followers, of course. Keeping the hashtags short and making sure to include the relevant ones will make your posts cleaner and more professional.

3. Optimize the Bio

The last method to keep the relevancy is by optimizing your Bio. In reality, many people still don’t actually care that much about their own Bio. Some only include trivial info, while others decided not to put anything at all.

The Bio gives users enough space to put links and descriptions, so it’s better to start filling the empty space with your brand’s description (short one) and links to your marketplace or website. 


And those are the three simple steps to make your profile more organized and stay relevant on Instagram. Please note that these are only the basics you need to know. But they’ll be helpful as your first step to growing your business on the platform.