Tomeu and Brody Race to Victory in First Jumper Classes at WIHS 2022

Emma Brody and Nicarmargue. Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography

Edited Press Release

Tuesday evening at the 2022 Washington International Horse Show, presented by MARS Equestrian™ featured the $10,000 WIHS Children’s Jumper and $10,000 WIHS Adult Jumper Championships. Lindsey Tomeu and Gold Lux shone in the $10,000 WIHS Adult Jumper Championship, while Emma Brody and Nicarmargue ran away with the win in the $10,000 WIHS Children’s Jumper Championship. For their victories, Tomeu was presented with the Dorothy Foote “Goodie” Taylor Memorial Perpetual Trophy and Brody was awarded the H. Fenwick Kollock Memorial Perpetual Trophy.

From 16 starters in the $10,000 WIHS Adult Jumper Championship, seven moved on to jump off for the top prize. As the penultimate duo, Lindsey Tomeu, of Wellington, Florida, and Gold Lux put it all on the line to claim the win in 32.922 seconds.

Tomeu first imported “Goldie,” a 16-year-old Irish Sport Horse mare by Lux Z, in 2014 and sold her quickly thereafter. When the buyer stopped riding, they sent Goldie back to Tomeu’s trainers at Sweet Oak Farm in Wellington, Florida, to sell. At that point, Tomeu started riding and showing her again and that was all it took.

Lindsey Tomeu and Gold Lux.
Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography

“I was like, ‘I can’t let her go,’” recalled Tomeu. “She’s been leased out a few times in the barn and taught a lot of people the jumper ropes. I finally got her back, and she’s not going anywhere now. She’s mine to stay.”

Paul Jewell designed a course with ample opportunity to take chances with short gallops and inside turns, so it only makes sense that a long-lasting partnership would come out on top.

“The first line was definitely really tight, and I hit my leg on the standard making the turn after,” detailed Tomeu of the jump-off. “Goldie just brushed it, but she knew exactly where her body was and finagled it out of the way. The way she jumped the jump after that and the rollback to the double was incredible. She saw it and knew exactly where she was going.”

Though she knows her job better than most, Tomeu affectionately describes Goldie as “one of the most unconventional animals you’ll ever ride.” It’s easy to ignore idiosyncrasies like not staying on the lead or being perpetually fiery when she gets the job done as consistently as she has in her career.

Lindsey Tomeu and Gold Lux in their winning presentation with WIHS President Vicki Lowell, ringmaster Steve Rector, Jenna Vanerstrom, Danny Arendt, and Nelson Martinez.
Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography

“She does everything with your safety as a priority number one,” said Tomeu. “Honestly, the more she runs away, the better I ride her. You kind of just hold on and hope. My sister says she has ‘magnetic bones,’ and she magnetizes you to her. It’s kind of our joke. You can’t fall off of her because she always makes sure that she’s underneath you, even when she goes side to side.”

Tomeu is no stranger to the winner’s circle and neither is Goldie, but there was one milestone that seemed just out of reach.

“She just did what I couldn’t do on my other horse, which is win both adult jumper finals during Indoors,” noted Tomeu, who has won numerous adult jumper championships at top shows across the country. “It was always a goal of mine, and I choked every other time! I was really nervous today, and I was really rusty. I rode pretty poorly in the first round on Goldie, but she took care of me. Goldie is the queen, she’s the best.”

So, what’s next for this championship duo?

“Now I just want to enjoy her and have fun,” concluded Tomeu. “We will take it day by day. I love my horses, and every day is fun with them.”

Kimberly Corts rode Dartani to second place in 34.579 seconds, and Kendall Casaccio completed the top three with Indigo ES in 35.676 seconds.

Emma Brody and Nicarmargue in their winning presentation with WIHS President Vicki Lowell, ringmaster Steve Rector, Elena Brody, Scarlett Moran, Eleanor Kunsman, and Antonio Padilla.
Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography

In the $10,000 WIHS Children’s Jumper Championship, Emma Brody and Nicarmargue were the fastest of the night to don the winner’s cooler and take home the coveted Georgetown Cupcakes.

Twenty-four horse-and-rider combinations contested the first-round track designed by Paul Jewell with 13 advancing to the jump-off. Cooper Beisel of Goshen, Ohio, was the first to produce a double-clear performance with David Beisel’s Azealia, putting pressure on the rest of the field to beat his time of 36.501 seconds. It looked like an impossible feat until Brody and Nicarmargue managed to leave all the jumps in the cups in a blazing time of 32.751 seconds. Beisel would have to settle for second.

“I wanted to be on the gas the entire time and turn as tight as I could and make sure to go clear,” explained Brody who trains with Eleanor Kunsman at Glen Eden in Chester, New Jersey. “I really went for every single inside turn there was, and my horse jumped fantastic.”

Brody has had the ride on “Nico,” a 14-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding by Carmargue x Leendert, for two years. Though their partnership is now very strong, it wasn’t always the case.

“He was my first horse after ponies, and I was horrified of him,” admitted Brody with a laugh. “I thought he was so fast. I started in the .60m jumpers. I’ve grown with him, and he’s grown with me.”

Even though it is their first Indoors season together, it is also their last, as Brody will graduate from Nico at the conclusion of the year, and he will go on to give another child a winning learning experience. In what has already been a successful Indoors season for the pair in their last hurrah, they can add another impressive victory to their list of accomplishments together.

“He definitely has given me confidence,” said Brody of her rangey horse. “He’s amazing. He has been doing all this for me. He’s so kind and very sweet and never wants to do anything wrong. He’ll jump from any mistake. He can be a little dodgy at stuff, but if you point him at a jump, he’s going to jump it.”

It was a banner day for Team Glen Eden with Callia Bergad of Chester, New Jersey, and her own Nelson Van Het Scheefkasteel galloping into third in a time of 38.687 seconds.