Inside the Numbers: Cost Breakdown of an A Show in Virginia



It’s no secret that horse shows are expensive. There’s really no cap on what you can spend. We think it’s important to be transparent when possible on real line-item costs. 

Some people will look at the below line items and say, You can do it cheaper! And others will roll their eyes and say, There’s no way this was so affordable. The range of reactions is a commentary itself on the different types of riders our sport contains. But here is one rider’s exact cost breakdown of an A show.

The Scenario

Our rider here is an adult amateur who lives in Maryland about 90 minutes away from the horse show. These numbers are for one horse doing two divisions (one warmup division and one amateur division) at an A rated show. 

Office Fees

  • Amateur Hunter Division Fee: $135
  • Warm-Up Division Fee: $135
  • Tack Stall Split: $106
  • Office/grounds fee: $45
  • Stall: $185
  • Ambulance Fee: $7
  • USEF Drug fee $23
  • USHJA Support fee: $2
  • Shavings: $120
  • Hay: $46
  • Total to office: $804

Training and Care Costs

  • Hauling – 75 miles: $450
  • Day care and coaching, ticketed schooling rounds: $755
  • Staff housing, golf cart, set up splits: $485
  • Braiding (1 mane, 1 tail): $100
  • Baths, wrapping legs, additional care: $180 
  • Total Care$1,970

Rider/Owner Costs

  • Gas: $60
  • Hotel: $150/night x 2: $300
  • Meals & Incidentals: $150
  • Show photography: $90
  • Total Owner Costs: $600

Total Cost to Horse Show: $3,374

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