Is Vaping Better Than Smoking

Yes, vaping is better than smoking. According to a report from the NHS, vaping is 95% less harmful as compared to smoking. That’s why it is considered the best alternative. If you are addicted to cigarettes, you can switch to vaping and try a lost mary vape but if you are a non-smoker, try to avoid it.

Choosing A Better Alternative: 

Choosing a better smoking alternative is crucial for your health as nicotine is present in it. The high concentration of nicotine affects your health badly. There are many alternatives to smoking, e.g. Nicotine gummies, patches, inhalers, and vapes. Among all these, vaping is the best choice. Vaping is a good alternative as it is less harmful to mental health. It fulfils your nicotine craving, so it reduces your stress and anxiety, which is good for your physical health, e.g. improvement in your oral health etc.

Features Of A Vape Kit:

Vaping is the process of inhaling and exhaling vapours. The device used for vaping is called a vape or e-cigarette like elf bar disposable vape. It consists of a coil, battery, tank, and e-liquid. In a vaping device , a battery gives power to the coil. The coil heats fluid within a wick, which is then converted into vapours. These vapours are used in e-cigarettes.


  • Vaping is less harmful than smoking.
  • It is helpful for smokers to quit their smoking habit
  • It has no noxious odours.
  • There is controlled nicotine concentration in it  
  • Different options of flavours are available.
  • There is no evidence of passive smoking in it.


  • If you are a non-smoker, it is also harmful to the body.
  • It can cause damage if you do not control nicotine strength.
  • It leads you to smoke if you are not smoking.
  • It is available in different fruitful flavours that attract teens.

Effects Of Smoking:

Smoking is the process of burning tobacco, which causes different harmful chemical substances. It is a mixture of chemicals like carbon monoxide, nicotine, formaldehyde, benzene etc. When a cigarette burns, it generates the process of combustion of tobacco. From this process, all chemicals burn and form ash. 

The process of burning is a serious cause of damage to the body, e.g. asthma, cough etc. Among all the chemicals used in tobacco, carbon monoxide is a substance that kills your body organs. Meanwhile, nicotine also affects your body and mental health, making you curious and habitual. 


  • For smokers, smoking is a relaxing activity.
  • Smoking attracts many teenagers.


  • Smoking is very harmful to your health.
  • It can cause cancerous disease.
  • It is also the source of passive smoking
  • Due to nicotine addiction, it is hard to quit. 
  • It can cause anxiety and stress.

Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

Based on the above-discussed advantages and disadvantages, it is clear that vaping is better than smoking. It is safer for your mental, emotional and physical health. According to an NHS report, it is 95% less harmful than smoking, and it helps you to quit smoking, as you can gradually decrease nicotine concentration. So, in the end, you will be able to leave the habit of smoking and try a vape like crystal bar 4000.

It improves your taste buds, as it has many flavours to adopt. Thus, you can enjoy different food flavours, like sweet, sour etc. In addition, vaping does not cause passive smoking, which is dangerous for the health of your friends and family present around. It causes many harmful diseases, e.g. lung cancer, heart disease etc. The followings are some of the facts:

Less Harmful Substances:

Vaping contains fewer harmful substances in comparison to smoking. Vaping does not contain any burning process, unlike smoking. It has no carbon monoxide in it. Carbon monoxide is the most dangerous chemical that causes coughing, lung diseases, stress etc.  

Nicotine Concentration:

In vaping, there is a varied concentration of nicotine. You can choose the strength of nicotine according to your desire. In smoking, the concentration of nicotine is fixed and also in a strong form. As nicotine is the source of addiction to a smoker, a high amount of it makes you more uncomfortable. That’s why smoking is hard to quit.

Nic Salt Makes You Feel Calm:

If you are a smoker and vape to quit smoking, nic salt benefits your health. It is useful for MTL (Mouth to Lung) and DTL (Direct to Lung) vaping styles. When it comes to nicotine strength, you only need to select a required one and enjoy your vaping experience. In this way, vaping makes you relax and feel calm. Also, it easily dissolves in the blood and prevents irritation.


Vaping provides you with different flavours of your choice. You can enjoy the taste of it, like tobacco, if you switch from smoking to vaping. Many flavours, like tobacco, strawberry, fruit etc., are available to make e-liquid tasty for you. 

Cap up Lines

The major difference between smoking and vaping is that vaping contains less harmful substances. Thus it cannot be as dangerous for health as smoking. Also, if you are a smoker and have the willpower to quit this habit, you can shift to vaping. It is very beneficial for you for this purpose.