Organize a Race Night For Your Favorite Charity In 2023

If you’re looking to get more involved in a cause close to your heart and raise some cash for it, then why not get stuck in during 2023 and put on some great events that are not only fun, but also will raise plenty too.

A race night is always a good option for this and you can raise thousands of pounds for charity across an evening. Down the years, they’ve long been a success and are often combined with casino evenings too, where people can put their skills built playing online to the test, swapping the likes of Casino 777 roulette, for a spin at the local cricket club. But how on earth do you put on such an evening?

Source the materials

First and foremost you need to source the right materials and know how much that will set you back in order to make sure you can cover your costs and raise money. There are many businesses out there that have virtual horse racing software to put on this type of event, while also many businesses can deliver casino tables if you are going to integrate that type of thing in to extend the evening too.

You can typically purchase race night software for a relatively reasonable price, with lots of packages too, many of which can be downloaded online these days too

Find Sponsors

To cover those costs, you can take the same route as many racecourses around the world do and get sponsors for each race. They can claim the naming rights to the race, and what’s more give that little bit back to charity. 

It’s a good way to raise funds without anyone even placing a bet yet, and you can easily make a few hundred pounds or more through this. 

What’s more, you can take it that extra step and even get sponsorship for naming the runners. You can set a price of £5-£10 to name a horse and even offer up a small amount of winnings if that horse wins the race.

Admission Prices

It’s always good to ticket these types of events, especially if you are going to provide food at your evening. The admission cost can cover the price of food as well as potential venue hire, and ideally come out with a little bit of profit to donate to your charity.

You’ll then need to try and sell your event, so make sure you do plenty of advertising for it!

Setting up the Tote

It’s then time to start betting. Before each race you need to sell your tote tickets, with half then going to the charity and the other half to be paid out as winnings. So, if you had 100 guests and each race required a bet of £2. That’ll give you a total of £200, with £100 of that going into the charity pot, and then the other £100 being split evenly between winning punters, as well as any winnings you are giving to the person or business who sponsored the winning horse.

It’s that simple.You can adjust the prices as you please dependent on how generous you think people will be, while you may also think about introducing the likes of lucky dips or special auctions, where people bid that little bit more to become an owner of a particular horse for the last race, with the winning owner then collecting half the winnings. 

It’s then onto the casino, where even more can be raised for your charity as people enjoy what is a wonderful night for a wonderful cause.