Purina® RepleniMash™: Much More Than Mash

Purina® RepleniMash™ product isn’t just a treat. It is a palatable, nutritionally balanced mash that nourishes your horse and their digestive system.

Horse owners have fed mashes for ages, but a traditional bran mash may contribute to digestive upset or nutritional imbalance. That’s why we created a Purina® alternative. It’s nutritionally balanced and made with wholesome ingredients your horse is accustomed to, plus a whole lot more.


Out on a long road trip. After a strenuous ride. On a cold winter’s night. There are times when your horses can use a little extra comfort – something to soothe their bellies and replace what they’ve lost along the way.

  • After a hard workout
  • While traveling
  • To encourage your horse to eat or drink
  • To help disguise the taste of less palatable supplements and medications when fed together
  • Anytime you want to treat your horse and show you care


Purina® RepleniMash™ Product is nutritionally balanced and made with wholesome ingredients your horse is accustomed to, plus a whole lot more. With Outlast® Gastric Support Supplement and a science-backed serving of electrolytes built-in, this tasty mash can help your performance horse feel his best or simply let your friend know you care.

RepleniMash™ Product:

  • Contains Outlast® Technology, a unique and exclusive seaweed-derived calcium to support gastric health and proper pH.
  • Supports recovery: it is formulated to replenish the electrolytes sodium (Na), potassium (K), and chloride (Cl) lost through 30 minutes of continuous sweating.
  • Promotes hydration: it contains added beet pulp to increase the water holding capacity and promote proper hydration.
  • Supports optimal VFA (volatile fatty acid) production, including butyrate, for healthy intestinal cells based on research conducted in a unique simulated equine hindgut model.
  • Contains stabilized ground flaxseed to support a shiny coat and provide omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Is formulated without alfalfa, oats, and soy protein.

There’s nothing better than a warm meal on a cold night. Keep your horse cozy this winter by starting on the inside. Try Purina® RepleniMash™ Product, a comforting snack you can both feel good about.

Put our research to the test at PurinaMills.com/Replenimash