Daniel Coyle Dominates in the Desert With CSI5* MLSJ Grand Prix and Winning Round Victories

Daniel Coyle and Legacy

Edited Press Release

Fresh off his 28th birthday two days prior, Daniel Coyle (IRL) capped off his week at Desert Holiday I with two CSI5* victories, including in the $217,200 Whittier Trust CSI5* MLSJ Grand Prix.

Aboard Legacy, owned by Ariel Grange, Coyle was one of only four riders to advance to the jump-off, clearing Michel Vaillancourt’s (CAN) tricky first-round track. It was a matchup between Ireland and Canada as he joined Conor Swail (IRL), Sean Jobin (CAN), and Amy Millar (CAN) in the tiebreaker. Coyle laid it all on the line for a jump-off time of 35.13 seconds, which could not be caught as the remaining three tried to chase him.

“Legacy has been phenomenal for me since we bought her,” Coyle said of Grange’s 12-year-old mare (Chippendale Z x Bon Ami). “I produced her as a championship horse but after the World Championships we changed course and decided to try to win some grand prixs. She’s getting better and better. I’m getting to know her better in jump-offs also. I’m really, really happy Ariel Grange bought her for me.”

Daniel Coyle (IRL) topped the podium in the $217,200 Whittier Trust CSI5* MLSJ Grand Prix.

The course provided a significant challenge, with many top combinations losing grasp of a five-star win. Coyle had the confidence in his partnership with Legacy on his side.

“I knew there were a few places I could take some risks,” he said of Vaillancourt’s track. “I didn’t know if I was going to have to take them or not, but being first to go, I was not going to leave anything to chance.”

Swail has been Mannon Farm’s Nadal Hero & DB up the ranks, exposing him to more top competition and proving he has another top contender in his incredibly strong string. “I’m absolutely delighted with my horse,” Swail, ranked number five in the world, remarked. “He’s progressing so well, he’s doing all the right things, he’s learning from his mistakes, and I am super delighted with second place.

“This place is amazing,” continued Swail, who is a regular at DIHP. “That ring is as good a ring as anywhere in the world. I jumepd Aachen, Spruce [Meadows], and Dublin this year, and it is easily on par with all of those. It’s just wonderful. The horses get better every day; they get more comfortable and they are really on springs here. It’s a spotless facility.”

Jobin was aiming for a solid double-clear effort with Darius, owned by Foxridge Farms Stables, once he qualified for the jump-off. As to whether this third-place finish is a career high for him, he responded, “Yes, for sure. When Foxridge paired me with Darius a few years ago we didn’t have any idea he would be jumping this. He’s getting older and older but he’s getting better and better all the time. It feels unreal.”

Daniel Coyle and Ivory TCS.

Coyle has had a week for the books during his first trip to DIHP. Building upon wins earlier in the week, he also claimed Sunday’s $72,400 Talus CSI5* Winning Round with his own and Grange’s Ivory TCS.

“I’m extremely lucky because having even one of these horses is great,” Coyle said on his current winning streak. “Ariel has stuck by me and it’s really a testament to her as to why I’m here. Right now everything seems to be on fire. I have a really, really strong string right now. I really thank her for that.”

Daniel Coyle (IRL) and Ivory TCS.

Ivory TCS, just 9 years old this year, is another top-performing mount bringing in impressive results. “We got her in the VDL sale as a 7-year-old,” Coyle said of the Dutch Warmblood mare (Falaise De Muze x Ukato). “I’ve always thought a lot of her; there’s a lot of heart in there. I told a lot of people that and they didn’t really believe me, but I think she’s really showing herself now to be a top horse. She’s had endless results and she’s only 9 so she has a bright future.”

Coyle walked into the jump-off for the Winning Round at the same time as his brother, Jordan, who jumped off just before him. “I took advantage of seeing what he had done,” Daniel Coyle said of his strategy. “If Jordan gets it done, it’s hard to beat, and when he doesn’t, maybe I can learn something from him.”

Kyle King (USA) took second place with Etalon, owned by Christine Maclean, while Lillie Keenan (USA) and the Chansonette Farm LLC entry Agana Van Het Gerendal Z took third.

Final Results: $217,200 Whittier Trust CSI5* MLSJ Grand Prix

1. LEGACY: 2010 ZANG mare by Chippendale Z x Bon Ami
DANIEL COYLE (IRL), Ariel Grange: 0/0/35.13

2. NADAL HERO & DB: 2013 BWP stallion by Kannan x Polydor
CONOR SWAIL (IRL), Mannon Farm: 0/0/38.33

3. DARIUS: 2014 KWPN gelding by Warrant x Calvados
SEAN JOBIN (CAN), Foxridge Farms Stables: 0/0/43.68

4. TRUMAN: 2009 SF gelding by Mylord Carthago x Kolibri
AMY MILLAR (CAN), Millar Brooke Farm Ltd. & Overland: 0/8/47.74

5. CALCIET EB Z: 2013 ZANG mare by Cornet Obolensky x Berlin
ALEXIS SOKOLOV (USA), Hot Horses LLC: 1/84.12

6. IMERALD VAN’T VOORHOF: 2008 BWP gelding by Emerald x Bacardi Orange De Muze
PAUL O’SHEA (IRL), Imerald Partners LLC: 4/76.54

7. EUROSTAR 1: 2012 stallion by Diarado x Chacco-Blue
JAMES ARKINS (AUS), James Arkins: 4/76.61

8. EL CONDE: 2011 SBS gelding by Loro Piana Filou De Muze x Final Shot
NAYEL NASSAR (EGY), Evergate Stables LLC: 4/77.83

9. BACOT: 2011 SF gelding by Lavillon x Corrado
ARTURO PARADA VALLEJO (MEX), Heloise Roquette: 4/79.40

10. ANTIDOTE DE MARS: 2010 SF stallion by Diamant De Semilly x Jarnac
BLISS HEERS (USA), Bridgeside Farms LLC: 4/79.87

11. HAMILTON: 2011 HOLST gelding by Quadros 3 x Acolord
TIFFANY FOSTER (CAN), The Hamilton Group: 4/80.80

12. GARFIELD: 2011 KWPN gelding by Chellthago Z x Numero Uno
ASHLEE BOND (ISR), Stal Horn B.V.: 4/80.99

Final Results: $72,400 Talus CSI5* Winning Round

1. IVORY TCS: 2013 KWPN mare by Falaise De Muze x Ukato
DANIEL COYLE (IRL), Daniel Coyle and Ariel Grange: 4/0/34.72

2. ETALON: 2009 KWPN gelding by Otangelo x Concorde
KYLE KING (USA), Christine Maclean: 4/0/35.59

3. AGANA VAN HET GERENDAL Z: 2011 ZANG stallion by Aganix Du Seigneur x Naminka
LILLIE KEENAN (USA), Chansonette Farm LLC: 0/0/36.05

4. GOTCHA: 2011 HOLST mare by Stakkato x Cassini I
SIMON MCCARTHY (IRL), Rock Ridge Farms: 0/4/34.95

5. PANDORA 258: 2008 HANN mare by Perigueux x Lordanos
ARTURO PARADA VALLEJO (MEX), Arturo Parada Vallejo: 4/4/35.06

6. THEO 160: 2012 HOLST gelding by Christian 25 x Calando IV
CONOR SWAIL (IRL), Team Philippaerts: 0/4/35.98

7. CHRISTIANO: 2012 BRAND gelding by Canoso x Compliment
AMY MILLAR (CAN), Future Adventures: 0/4/37.20

8. FLINTON M: 2010 KWPN gelding by Clinton x Chin Chin
KENDALL BOURGEOIS (USA), Cameron Brown: 4/4/39.32

9. JIMINY CRICKET: 2011 WESTF gelding by Colestus x Cornet Obolensky
NAYEL NASSAR (EGY), Evergate Stables LLC: 4/4/40.44

10. PICADOR: 2007 AES gelding by Lupicor x Concorde
JORDAN COYLE (IRL), Elan Farm: 4/8/36.45

11. NADALE VAN DORPERHEIDE: 2013 BWP gelding by Zilverstar T x Winningmood
CASSIO RIVETTI (BRA), Ilan Ferder: 4/80.74

12. GOODBYE: 2011 KWPN mare by Eldorado VD Zeshoek x Amulet
BLISS HEERS (USA), Bridgeside Farms LLC: 4/81.25

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