Dr. Morgan Geller Sees to RocketMan’s Best with BoneKare

When it comes to horse-health, we rely on our trusted veterinarians to have solutions to just about every type of problem. Our equine health professionals are not only good at coming up with the answers to what currently ails our four-legged friends, but also are constantly on the forefront of products and supplements that will help prevent further deterioration. 

California resident and EQ Sports Medicine Group veterinarian Dr. Morgan Geller is one of those very veterinarians who is on the cutting edge of equine sports medicine. A graduate of UC Davis, Dr. Geller treats a variety of top equines throughout the West coast and, as such, has seen BoneKare, an easy-to-feed daily equine supplement, provide numerous benefits to many of her patients. 

Halie Robinson and Rocketman

“I see a fast and definite improvement in the horses I put on BoneKare,” she states. “It is my go-to supplement for bone related injuries, and has helped maintain many of the top level performance horses in my practice.”

One such successful client of Dr. Geller’s was Halie Robinson’s superstar hunter horse Rocketman. Robinson is the owner and rider at Huntridge in Santa Barbara, California and she pilots several top horses throughout the year. Robinson found a worthy partner in Rocketman and has won many professional hunter accolades with him. While Rocketman has always been an elite athlete, it was only after Geller suggested she try the gelding on BoneKare that Robinson felt she had unlocked all of his potential. 

“He never had any soundness problems prior,” Robinson stated, “but BoneKare made him feel a way I hadn’t felt before and didn’t know was possible!”

For more information on BoneKare or to order a bucket of your own, please visit www.bonekareusa.com! BoneKare is an edible daily supplement for horses in various scenarios including –

  • Horses whose daily diet lacks fresh, quality green pastures
  • Horses with neck, shoulder and back issues
  • Horses with pre-existing or at-risk of bone disorders and injuries
  • Broodmares in foal
  • Post-surgical and healing horses
  • Developing and aging equines
  • Have competition lifestyles