Blackwood Equestrian Stalls Accentuates Bespoke Design in the Modern Barn

Edited Press Release

For equestrian centers and horse enthusiasts who use their barn as a showcase space, the newly incorporated Blackwood Equestrian Stalls offers bespoke stalls, barn doors and entrance gates that are built to not only withstand the rigors of equestrian life but to make a lasting impression.

Blackwood is the latest sister company to emerge from the B&D Builders brand of companies. B&D, a Lancaster, PA-based timber frame builder, is known for supplying single-source, custom building solutions for luxury estates, equestrian arenas and jaw-dropping horse barns. In many cases, providing the solution meant creating an entire team and division that could fulfill the need. When it came to high-end stall solutions, the Blackwood team saw the opportunity to offer something new to the equestrian market.

“People building a million-dollar-plus horse barn want the stalls to reflect the overall quality and craftsmanship,” says Scott Trump, general manager at Blackwood Equestrian Stalls. “But until now, the choices in the market were either custom designs that were exorbitantly priced or prefabricated horse stall kits that required the stall to be built around the door front. We recognized this gap in the market and had the expertise on hand to provide a range of high-end standard to semi-custom and custom solutions.”

“When it comes to quality horse stalls, all welds are not created equal,” says Wes Rathman, Blackwood project manager. “So many gates out there have rough welds either visible under the coating or even exposed to the elements. There can be a lot of bleed through and rust, especially in a coastal climate.” Blackwood welders, who are D1.1 structural welding certified, ensure that all seams are welded, blended and then polished to a #1 finish with no visible connection points. Whether the design calls for a shiny metal or matte finish, Blackwood components are smooth and sturdy.

That attention to detail impressed the owners behind the massive TerraNova Equestrian Center under construction in Myakka City, Florida. The first phase of this high-end facility which opened in 2019 included 24 custom stalls from Blackwood. Now in its second phase of expansion which includes two, 135-stall barns, TerraNova has signed on for an additional 270 stalls fronts, sliding doors and windows from Blackwood, and is slated to complete construction in October 2022.

The Blackwood fabrication process begins where it should – with the owner’s desires for horse comfort and security. Horse height impacts stall size, door height and gate style, for example, as well as the aisle width. Stall partitions and partially open steel bar or wood slat tops allow more than just increased air flow. Horses can see their stable mates, providing socialization and alleviating boredom. Yet, for some temperaments or for a quieter space option, solid partitions can play a role. “Nobody knows your horses better than you do, so we pay close attention to the details that the owner and designer have in mind for horse comfort and stall aesthetics,” says Rathman.

Once drawings and specs are approved, the general contractor can look forward to the delivery of precision-fabricated components, individually numbered to match drawings, ready to install. For more information, visit

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