This Is Why You Wear a Helmet Every Time—Even on Vacation

Stefan Keryan is fighting for his life after he suffered life-threatening injuries in Belize during a stopover while on a cruise vacation with his family (Facebook photo)

Eight-year-old Colorado native Stefan Keryan suffered a skull fracture and third degree burns Wednesday, Dec. 7 while on vacation in Belize. The injuries were sustained while taking a trail ride excursion with his family during a cruise ship stop. Keryan was not wearing a helmet which is, unfortunately, not an unusual practice on vacation rides and excursions.

Keryan remained hospitalized in Belize until Dec. 12, when he was able to be transported home on Peak Medevac.

According to, Keryan “fell off and was dragged on the pavement for two miles.”

“I heard yelling and I looked over and as [the horse was] running past, I see that the saddle is flipped and that my son is being dragged by his foot,” Keryan’s mother Heidi said.

The Plaid Horse wishes Keryan a full recovery and encourages every equestrian, no matter how experienced, to wear a helmet every time they mount up.

To make a donation in support of Keryan’s recovery, visit

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