Exhibitor’s Guide to Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

By Exhibitor’s

We are coming down to the final hours to order a Christmas present. Where are you in your Holiday shopping? Have you been franticly looking for the perfect gift for that horse lover or showman who has everything? Look no further, because you can never go wrong when gifting the whole line of Exhibitor’s Color Enhancing System. Exhibitor’s Color Enhancing System includes Quic Shampoo and Quic Conditioner, along with the color intensifying shampoos: Quic Black, Quic Silver and Quic Color. You choose the color enhancing shampoo depending on the color of your horse lover’s horse(s).

If your loved one or horse friend has a black or dark bay horse, you would choose the Quic Black System, which creates deep obsidian tones to enhance dark coats while subduing unwanted red tones—naturally revealing intense, dark tones within the coat, mane and tail. The Quic Silver System creates incredible diamond highlights to enhance grey, white palomino and pinto coats, bringing out silvery highlights, along with enhancing golden tones in palomino and cream coats. And the Quic Color System creates deep garnet tones to enhance chestnuts, bay, and brown coats.

The specialized technology optically alters the way light interacts with hair, gently cleansing and removing dirt and stains. Made with pH balanced formula, free from harsh chemicals, bleaches, or dyes, the Color Enhancing System immediately intensifies horse’s natural coat color, coat contrast and shine.

For great stocking stuffers and to complete the whole grooming package, gift Quic Sheen—which is a spray for the coat, mane and tail—to provide optical, mirror-like brightening and a beautiful show ring shine. And don’t forget Quic Braid for tighter braids, neater bands and minimal stray hairs!

This system is as easy as 1,2,3: The Exhibitor’s Color Enhancing System is easy to use and has three quick and easy steps. Start by washing with Quic Shampoo, which contains a gentle cleansing, low sudsing formula—free of harsh chemicals and bleaches. This hard-working shampoo was specifically formulated to give a fresh, clean coat for the color enhancing process and is excellent at fighting tough stains.

Next, choose your color. Remember, for black and dark bay horses, use Quic Black. For sorrels, chestnuts, browns, and bays, you’ll choose Quic Color and Quic Silver was made for palominos, paints, and cream coats. Apply the Color Enhancing Shampoo of your choice to the mane and tail, working throughout roots of hair. Apply another layer to sponge or wash mitt and evenly distribute through coat using a circular motion. Allow color to sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing well.

Lastly, apply Quic Conditioner, full strength, to the mane and tail. This conditioner contains a protein formula that nourishes and strengthens hair, along with moisturizing and detangling dry hair cuticles, helping to prevent breaking and splitting.  This conditioner is so good it can be used as a leave-in or rinse out. And don’t forget a good quick spray with Quic Sheen for a next level high-gloss diamond shine!

What are people saying about the Exhibitor’s Quic Color Enhancing System?

“My favorite thing about Exhibitor’s products is that they work! It’s so evident that they are products for horses made and ran by a company of horse people. My favorite product is the Quic Silver, mostly because it has so many uses for me. I use it on the horses, I use it on my own blonde hair, and I use it to wash my white breeches!”
– Amina Sade’ Bursese, International Grand Prix Rider and Trainer

“Since using Exhibitor’s products on my horses, I have noticed they have healthier coats! With our demanding show schedule, we are always washing the horses and giving baths, so they are ready to show and look their best. Exhibitor products do not dry out the coats or manes and tails which is great!  My favorite thing about the Exhibitor’s System is the customized feel their products provide. It is not a one shampoo fits all, they really cater to all the areas whether it be with Quic Braid, or the different shampoos catered to different colored horses.”
– Samantha Schaefer, Shadow Ridge Farms – Grand Prix Rider and Trainer

“I was really impressed.  The Quic Shampoo and Quic Conditioner are really amazing.  The formula is very low sudzing and with very little effort it seemed to just really pull the dirt and grime off the horse’s coats without having to do a lot of scrubbing. The thing that I am really impressed with is how soft it left both the horses’ mane and tails.”
– Kim Gentry Dressage

“It’s amazing! I feel like it really cleans my horse well and it gives them a really nice shine afterward. I put the conditioner on the mane and the tail and I feel like it really gets all of the dirt out and it makes it really glossy. It’s really easy to brush through after that.”
– Nora Goldfarb, Walnut Trace Farms

To shop visit a local tack or feed store near you or shop online at: https://www.doversaddlery.com/exhibitor-laboratories/c/NewBrand_1001_169/

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