Explore The Top Horse-Friendly Communities

Equestrian communities have faded into near obscurity over the years. The hubbub and bustle of modern life have no room nor appreciation for horses. But you can still find places in the US where the traffic stops for horses.

The 3 top horse-friendly communities in the US are in Aiken, Boise, and Asheville. Among these, Boise offers a blend of modern amenities with space and housing facilities for keeping horses.

We’ll be taking a look at each of these communities and the advantages they present. We’ll also take a quick look at the housing opportunities there if you’re thinking of moving into one of these cities.

Aiken, South Carolina

Aiken in South Carolina is regarded as a sanctuary for horse lovers. Since the 1800s, thanks to migrating farmers, Aiken has emphasized heavily on horses. Even now, Aiken offers unpaved roads and a 70-mile Trail in Hitchcock Woods to trot on.

Since the 1930s, Aiken Steeplechase Association has hosted annual races that draw over 30,000 attendees. And from 1942, the Aiken Trails have been held as the first leg of Aiken’s Triple Crown, a Thoroughbred racing opportunity for new horses.

The other two legs consist of a Steeplechase professional circuit and Round-robin polo matches. Every event draws the entire community, and tailgating is a time-honored tradition.

Aiken also honors its equestrian roots through art. Local galleries feature many artworks related to horses, and you’ll find majestic statues of horses in motion on the sidewalks. If you want to know more about Aiken’s history, pay a visit to the Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame and Museum. The museum has been preserving Aiken’s love for everything horses since 1977.

Aiken’s popularity with the equestrian mecca makes it a tough real estate market. In December 2022, the median list price is $315,000 compared to $249,900 in December 2019. New listings are going for $1,950 higher and are projected to rise.

Boise, Idaho

Unlike other equestrian cities, Boise doesn’t have an extensive history with horses. However, it’s a city reputed for a quiet, serene lifestyle that is serendipitous for horse lovers. Boise has a few horse parks, but it is home to beautiful horseback riding trails. It’s perfect for the equestrian lifestyle, not for races and such.

Boise has countless horseback riding trails, offering variety in natural beauty, length, and difficulty. From newcomers to experts, everyone can find their favorite place here. I’m listing the 5 most scenic trails here.

  • Freddy’s Stack Rock Trail in Boise National Forest. It’s 18.8 km long and rated at moderate difficulty.
  • Table Rock Trail in Quarry View Park. It’s 6 km long and rated at moderate difficulty.
  • Polecat Loop Trail in Polecat Gulch Reserve. It’s 9.7 km long and rated at moderate difficulty.
  • Eagle Rock Loop near Idaho Botanical Garden. It’s 3.1 km long, rated at easy difficulty.
  • Dry Creek Trail connecting Bogus Basin Road and Boise Ridge Road. It’s 22.2 km long, rated at hard difficulty.

You’ll encounter many other horse-lover on your way on these trails, and they are very welcoming. Boise doesn’t only have one of the top horse-friendly communities, it’s friendly to all animals in general. Trails such as Dry Creek are dog-friendly and allow them to be off-leash at certain points. 

If you want to look into equestrian homes for sale, Boise offers decent prices for the best properties. The median list price for equestrian homes is $604990, and for typical housing, it’s $532,990 in December 2022. New listings have gone down to $499,368, compared to $418,700 in December 2019.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is frequented by horse lovers for the historic Biltmore Equestrian Center. The center has 5 circular trails from 16 km to 48 km, with proper markings and a canter through beautiful natural scenery. If you’re not able to bring a horse yourself, you can get a guided tour of Biltmore-owned horses.

Asheville is said to have one of the top horse-friendly communities because of its inclusivity. Residents and visitors have access to numerous local riding centers in Aston, Azalea, Carrier, Pack Square, Richmond Hill, and more to learn from. The most mention worthy of these is the prestigious Asheville School which offers boarding and day school for a comprehensive and acclaimed equestrian program.

Asheville has the priciest and most inflated real estate market among the 3. The median list price for typical housing is $611,250 in December 2022, which is much higher than $480,000 in December 2019. New listings have dipped below $470,000, but Asheville has only 230 properties listed for sale. Expect prices to bounce back up pretty soon.
You’ll find horse-friendly communities all across the US, but not all cities will have the perfect landscape or focus on the equestrian lifestyle. Not every community will be beginner-friendly, and many will have inflated real estate prices and bad lots. So, your best bet for finding an equestrian home and community is to look within these 3 cities.

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