Unusual Types of Sports You Must Try in San Francisco

When you come to San Francisco for tourism and to get to know the city as well as possible, you want to have an exceptionally bright and fun time. It can be helped by a colorful pastime associated with sports excursions.

If you’re going to see everything and have time for everything, rent a car, so you save time on public transportation. If you have a car for rent that you rented from a San Francisco airport car rental, you can immediately use the car rental services and choose the most convenient option from those presented for your trip.

Hike in Yosemite Park and the Giant Redwoods

Discover the magnificent landscapes of Yosemite National Park. Take an hour-long hike through the sequoias as you enjoy the tallest trees. And explore the majestic Bridlevale and Yosemite Falls. Enjoy Inspiration Point and the incredible El Capitan and Half Dome cliffs. Discover the park using an audio tour.

Muir Woods Preserve Guided Tour

We suggest visiting the coastal sequoia forest at Muir Woods Preserve, San Francisco. On tour, you’ll begin your journey over the famous Golden Gate Bridge, admire California’s wildlife, and take a tour bus ride through Sausalito. Tourists will drive from San Francisco to Muir Woods Preserve, where you’ll spend 1.5 hours. You’ll see giant sequoias while hiking trails through the forest.

Hikers will also see many sights along the way to San Francisco. By purchasing a guided tour, each tourist will hear a lot of information about the region’s history. The next destination is Sausalito, a coastal town with stunning bay views. You will also be able to walk around Sausalito on foot during the tour. And the final journey of this exciting excursion is a self-guided ferry ride to San Francisco. So, put your car in the airport parking in San Francisco and go to meet new emotions.

Helicopter Tour

How would you feel about taking a 20-minute helicopter tour over San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island, and Fisherman’s Wharf? What do you think about such a terrific pastime – a 20-minute flight over land and the North Pacific? It’s a performance experience that will stay in your memory for a long time. You will see the California coastline along San Francisco and the famous Golden Gate Bridge, including a guide. Once you take off and land in Sausalito, you’ll see the main attractions somewhat differently, with Alcatraz Prison. Your journey will begin from Sausalito, across the famous Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco. You will then see Crissy Field, the city center, and Oracle Park. The helicopter ride will continue over Alcatraz Prison before ending by historic Angel Island and returning to the heliport at Richardson Bay in Sausalito.

GPS Talking Cars Tour: Chinatown / Downtown Loop

A unique car tour around the city in a GPS Talking Car. You probably have yet to hear of such an extraordinary tour. If you choose this unusual form of sporty driving, you’ll understand why TIME magazine named the GoCar “The Amazing Invention of the Year!”

This tour option would be perfect for visiting unexplored places. You’ll see areas inaccessible to tour buses. What the tour is all about: you travel in unique miniature talking cars that tell the city’s story thanks to GPS navigation. The system keeps track of where you are and tells you funny stories from fairy tales. Also, the car will tell you which way to turn while driving. You will not be driving the vehicle, but it will drive itself. The tour duration can vary depending on the time and place of departure, traffic congestion, and your itinerary.

Boating Tours

The trip can be different: sunny or foggy, depending on the weather. It may drizzle with rain or even downpour. But either way, the trip will be enjoyable.

The best part of the trip is sailing under the fog-shrouded Golden Gate, suddenly hearing the hum of ships out of the fog, and then seeing big container ships in the distance.

On the way back, you’ll see Alcatraz prison, Coit Tower, and the skyline!

If you get cold, the captain will issue warm cloaks and jackets. So don’t worry about getting out on the road.

Dolphin and Whale Watching Trip

The trip will take four hours. There will be up to 50 passengers on board. The sea tour begins in the early morning so you can nap in the clean sea air. You will see dolphins and whales swimming in the bay and be able to take photos of them in the background. You will also see other marine life in the region, such as harbor seals and birds, which perfectly complete the picture.


When you come to San Francisco, you can organize your leisure time differently, using unusual sports tours. You will see the fantastic places hidden from the public eye and gain unforgettable impressions.

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