Orion Benefits from BoneKare Believer Rebecca Brady

For Rebecca Brady, the benefits of BoneKare were nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Feeling especially blessed this holiday season, Brady watches as Orion, a young foal at Fox Run Farm, runs and plays in the field alongside the farm’s many other sassy and spirited foals. The sight is one Brady was not quite sure she would ever see, as Orion’s future was uncertain as recently as the summer. 

 Bred by Fox Run Farm’s Lynn Reed and a descendent of the incredible athlete Spellbound, hopes were high for the future when Orion first entered the world earlier this year. In July of 2022, shortly after his birth, Orion suffered a serious seasmoid break in his fetlock. At such a young age, the foal was immediately confined to stall rest while Brady, Reed, and their dedicated veterinarian, Dr. Paul Mountan, worked to create the best plan for success. 

Orion as a young foal with his casted leg during stall rest.

Brady, an already a strong #bonekarebeliever, did not hesitate to introduce the product into Orion’s medical routine in hopes that its proven benefits would be the secret ingredient to a full recovery. 

“I first heard about BoneKare when I was riding in Germany,” explained Brady. “A few years after I came home to the US, I learned BoneKare had made its way here. Having already researched the science behind it, I did not hesitate to implement BoneKare as a staple in my horse’s diets. I strongly believe BoneKare is not solely for horses with existing ailments, but also for horses whose longevity you care about protecting!”

Rebecca Brady with one of her top hunter mounts. Photo by © Andrew Ryback Photography

Fast forward to December of 2022 and Orion has passed his foal inspection with flying colors, earning several high-scoring nines for movement and other desired young horse traits. To watch him now, you would never know that he had suffered such an unsteady start to life. His quick recovery, consisting of only support wrapping, stall rest, and BoneKare, had Orion back to moderate exercise in an impressive amount of time, and his future is back to being bright!

Orion plays in the field after a successful healing process!

BoneKare is the only supplement of its kind on the market. Recommended by users and veterinarians alike, the product is beneficial to horses in various scenarios including – 

  • Horses whose daily diet lacks fresh, quality green pastures
  • Horses with neck, shoulder and back issues
  • Horses with pre-existing or at-risk of bone disorders and injuries
  • Broodmares in foal
  • Post-surgical and healing horses
  • Developing and aging equines
  • Have competition lifestyles
  • have bone bruising or soreness due to artificial footing.

For more information on BoneKare or to order a bucket of your own, please visit www.bonekareusa.com!